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My Top 15 for Miss Universe 2011

After watching the preliminary competition, I've made a list of my Top 15 for Tuesday's Miss Universe finals. You can do the same by watching these videosI'd be happy to know yours so feel free to leave a comment :-)

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I tried my best to be objective and not think of the "sash factor" (the likeliness of a candidate to make it to the finals due to its history, e.g., USA and Venezuela) and the favorites that have appeared on several fan message boards and websites.

Top 15-11

Priscila Machado
My choices for the 15th spot were between her, Australia, Cayman Islands, Chile, Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Romania. I decided to go with the hometown girl, although Miss Universe makes no guarantee that the host country's representative makes it to the finalsthere have been several cases. (Hence, Charlene Gonzales really made it to the Top 10 on her own merits.) I selected her because she had the best walk and the most gorgeous evening gown among the eight. I think she resembles a younger Glenn Close.

Johanna Solano
Costa Rica
I'm not a fan of the evening gown but she had a commanding presence during her gown and swimsuit presentations. I also like girls who look happy and don't appear as if they're taking this seriously. (The qualifier is "as if"; of course, they need to take this seriously.)

Andri Karantoni
It's so hard to make a statement with a black gown especially in a beauty pageant that's why I love the playfulness of her fringed sleeves. And come on, look at that divine face.

Anedie Azael
Again, I love a girl who looks like she's having fun onstage; she seems very congenial. Fierce can be very overrated and tiring, in my opinion.

Interesting malaman kung pano ipapatong yung Miss Universe crown sa ulo nya, but no, not at the expense of my top choice.

Top 10-6

Karín Ontiveros
With such a sweet and angelic face to go with her pink gown, Mexico is like a living Barbie. (Reminds me of Puerto Rico 2010.) The reigning Miss Universe is from Mexico, and I doubt it will a back-to-back for the country this year, especially after I saw her web interview; parang lasenggera lang ang peg, lol.

Adriana Dorn

This lady surprised me as she was never in my radar of favorites at all. But according to my list, she aced both the gown and swimsuit rounds (true for all my Top 10, actually). I can say the same about...

Laura Gonçalves
Portugal, whom I took no notice of until the preliminaries. I would love to see both of them in the finals as they are not traditional favorites.

Viviana Ortiz
Puerto Rico

I am not a fan at all of this babaeng hipon, but I have to admit her evening gown was the best during the preliminaries. Plus, with that hot body, I couldn't exactly exclude her from the list.

Vanessa Gonçalves
Isa pa 'to; I am not a fan! I loved her when she won as Miss Venezuela last year (this was how she looked in 2010), but after all the surgeries and weight training, she has matured and now looks about 40. Plus, she looks so hardcore, like she's going to eat all the other candidates alive. But again, having to be objective, I couldn't help but include her in my list. 

Top 5

Laury Thilleman
Another one of those mature-looking and competitive candidates, France appears to try too hard so I think she has a tendency to choke especially if the pressure gets to her. (Similar to Miss Ireland 2010.) Barring that, she could easily make it to Top 5, especially with the help of that gown.

Erica Nego
I love her quiet confidence and elegance. I also like the lightness and casualness of her gown.

2nd runner-up

Luo Zilin
Gusto ko talaga 'to makasama ni Shamcey sa Top 5 kasi feeling ko, sesemplang talaga ang ate nyo sa final interview, lol. Sana lang bopols din makuha nyang translator. 

For my readers who don't understand Tagalog, I said it's high time Asians dominate this year's competition.

1st runner-up

Deborah Henry
A Miss World 2007 finalist, she was one of my top contenders for the crown until I saw her boring evening gown presentation. She performed better during the swimsuit round and she's expected to have aced her interview, thanks to her other jobs as a TV host and charity spokesperson. This is a dangerous lady to have in the Top 5; not good for Shamcey, lol. Still, even if she's in my list, I won't be surprised if she doesn't make the cut because she's pretty much Miss Snooze Fest, too. 

So sino pa ba ang Miss Universe ko, lol:

Shamcey Supsup

Watching her performance during the preliminaries, plus seeing her evening gown, ganito talaga yung naging reaction ko:


I think from the Top 15, she can barge into the Top 10 and Top 5 with her "tsunami" walk and sultry evening gown, but again, she needs to learn how to pose and maintain her balance at each pit stop, ASAP! (It's been reported on OPMB that she now knows about this and is working on it.)

As for the final question, juice ko, di na ko religious pero mukhang mapapa-dasal talaga ko kay Shamcey. 

Masaya talaga ko sa narating ni Venus last year, pero napa-facepalm talaga ko nung una kong narinig yung sagot nya. I remember giving this advice to Venus in my Top 10 list last year:

Now, the final Q & A is another tricky round for her, but I feel that as long as she is sincere and concise in her answer, she could win the crown despite grammatical lapses.

Nasunod nga ni Venus lahat at wala pang wrong grammar, pero kailangan pa din pala talaga bigatan yung sagot, lol. As your pageant whisperer, the best advice I can give is for you to go straight to the point, speak from your heart, and... I can't believe I'm about to say this... don't mind being grammatically incorrect. Don't edit or second-guess yourself; answer the question with conviction, knowing you are being sincere. (Although still, magp-practice ka pa rin na mag-practice mag-English. I noticed she switches to Tagalog when being interviewed by fellow Filipinos.)

Good luck! :-D

* * * *

My overrated girls this year are Kosovo (pwede ba, di nga sya makakababa ng hagdan!) and USA.

I refuse to believe they will make someone this thin a finalist because this body is just ugly:

Last year, my overrated girls were Venezuela, USA (I'm proud of having put those on record) and Mexico, who eventually won Miss Universe, lol.

What that says is that come Tuesday, anything goes.

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