Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Universe National Costumes 2011 edition

Aaaand, it's back! The 2011 Miss Universe National Costume edition. But before that, I have to say that I'm very disappointed with how Brazil is hosting Miss Universeit had the gall to scrap the National Competition this year! I was expecting they'd have a parade down the streets of São Paulo, unless it is really that dangerous to be out on the streets of Brazil?! Or maybe, wala ng budgetnapunta na sa World Cup and Olympics. Even the stage for the preliminaries was so unimaginative. They basically had giant cutouts of, I assume, the silhouette of São Paulo's skyline. Gone are the days of the Manila-type hosting duties!

Anyway, moving on... The candidates did have a video shoot in their National Costume. I'm still not sure if they'll be used for the opening number on Tuesday, but at least, the candidates were able to take them out of their suitcases.

Now isn't Angola an African country? The good thing about this competition is that it makes me research about their costume and countries and learn a thing or two, in this case, about geography. Unlike most African countries, it is not landlocked as it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west. I like the derelict quality of those corals and fishes like it's an environmental statement.

Now this is how you do a bird costume. Not over the top, although that slinky swimsuit is dangerously riding up her singit.

Another excellent bird costume! I love that headdressparang nagkape lang yung parrot, lol.

Lakas maka-authentic ng ate nyo, lol.

Last year, this happened. It's a cute way to pay tribute to her countrymen I almost wish they sent her down the tunnel wearing this while the miners were still trapped; I think that would have done her country greater service.

China thought she was next to Croatia, so scarecrow ang drama nya para scareCroatia! ^__^ You're welcome!

Please decide: are you a bird or a fish that's really gay?

Dominican Republic
 One of the best sea-inspired costume I've seen, ever.

 Lakas maka-Cleopatra ng ate nyo! I looove!!!

I wonder when France will ever pay tribute to Christian Dior and its other officially titled couturiers. Also, Kirsten Dunst had way better Marie Antoinette costumes.

What's a Grecian dress without a beautiful face to match it? Answer: Gretchen Barretto. Ay, rhetorical question lang pala.

Ate, patawa ka ha. Mermaid nga tapos may paa?! Wala, dapat pinangatawanan mo yankebs namin kung gumapang ka sa stage basta dapat, mermaid ka talaga.


Words fail me.

'Yan ang in character. I will never tire of Japan's kimono and samurai costume especially if they always come up with something this gorgeous and dramatic.

Another one of my yearly Miss Universe national costume favorites, Korea. I love the hat, pwedeng pang Starbucks, lol!

Another costume with a beautiful story behind it; this was inspired by La Calavera Catrina, Mexico's icon and muse for its Day of the Dead festival.

 Gorgeousness. I love the texture and colors. She also looks like Lucy Torres here.

Perhaps the only time a non-finalist can be seen on camera during the event is in the Parade of Nations. I feel sorry for her.



Designed by Colombian Alfredo Barraza, the costume features a crown, a Maria Clara baro, and a gold skirt with reportedly 3,000 golden butterflies in acetate. I think it looks better on video and it's an improvement from our costumes in the last six years.

Puerto Rico
 Lalaking hipon, meet your babaeng hipon. 


This must be one the world's most recognizable prints, thanks to Singapore Airlines. I wish its stewardesses would wear this someday para todo kabog.

 O, eh pano ka luluhod sa laban, sige nga?

Terribly tacky consider this is an homage to George Washington. Besides, this is so 2009.

I'm amazed at how Venezuela really sells this becky iguana with wings costume. 'Yan ang dedication!

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heyjay said...

Question: Bakit ba laging pa-demure ang costume natin? Pwede naman maging fierce and festive ang tema di ba? Just saying.

Jason said...

Eh pano, conservative si Stella. Sawa na nga rin ako silhouette and Maria Clara-type na costume.

Katrina said...

as ever bonggaciousness talaga ang Greece. Too understated lang talaga to win. Pero si Ms. France, ANOBA?! 24 hours lang ba ginawa yang damit niya? Ang pangit ng fit at ang tela, gumi-Gina silk! -- Iggy

Jason said...

Yes, ganda lang talaga ang Greece -- white kumot, carring carry na!

Never pa ko naaliw sa costume ng France considering fashion capital of the world sya.

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