Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lovin' it

Called McDo delivery.

Me: "One chicken with spaghetti me..."

Mcdo Agent (cutting me off): "That would be all, sir?"

Me: "... No. One chicken with spaghetti meal with large Co..."

MA (cuts me off again): "Anything else, sir?"

Me: "... WITH LARGE COKE and extra ri..."

MA (and again): "What else, sir?"


MA: "..extra rice and medium fries and... Sir, paki-ulit nga ulit?"

Me: "Puta ka."

I was talking to a dude, by the way.

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jaollibee said...

natawa ko sa "puta ka." sumagot pa ba? haha!

Jason said...

Ewan, binagsakan ko na ng phone yung becky, lol.

Jay said...

Very poor phone etiquette. I wonder how he was trained.

Dats said...

Jaseee!! that just made my day! woot woot!!!lol

Jason said...

Incidentally, would you know who handles McDonald's account? Or in-house sila?

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