Friday, September 16, 2011

Horrible Bosses

rating: 10/10

Finally, I'm giving a perfect rating to a movie that I found completely enjoyable, well-written, well-cast, and brutally funny.

Management candidate Nick (Jason Bateman) is stuck with a twisted boss (Kevin Spacey), who is not only a slave driver, but also heartless enough to penalize him for coming in at work at 6:02 am, or two minutes later than he wanted him to.

Accountant Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) is being ordered by his supervisor (Colin Farrell) to fire fat people.

Dental assistant Dale (Charlie Day) is being harrassed by his nymphomaniac boss-dentist (Jennifer Aniston) and it's hilarious how Dale screams hell while the other two sees heaven, as I assume 90 percent of the straight male population would too.

The plan: annihilate the horrible bosses.

The fun never stops in this filmfrom the beginning wherein we see the leads' miserable lives to the point where they strategize their revengeit's one sidesplitting scenario after another, thanks largely to the spectacular cast who relish their roles so well; Jennifer Aniston, for example, would put Linda Lovelace to shame. (Kids, don't google that.) Charlie Day is also a revelation, and I'm sure women would swoon over his undying loyalty as he refuses Jennifer's sexual advances that many men would be glad to be a recipient of.

Horrible Bosses opens in theaters on September 21.

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