Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Much ado about bracelets

Over a year ago, I wrote about how I wanted to trim down my number of clothes after I was inspired by an article on The New York Times.

Although I haven't even attempted to cut down my wardrobe to 14 items of clothing (that would be the day), I think I've been fairly successful in being calculated in my purchases. I'm pretty sure I've bought no more than two shirts in the past 12 months *thinks long and hard* (and I also only bought one pair of jeans) and I think that goes to show that as long as you have the classic pieces in your closet and (your weight has remained pretty much the same :-P), then you can survive not shopping for clothes for several months.

OK, I think I got too carried away by my intro because what I really meant to write about are my accessories, lol. Ang layo no?

Several months ago, while Pam and Jill were discussing ways to raise funds for their friend who has cancer, Pam thought about selling friendship bracelets. My reaction was something like, "Ngek, sino naman bibili no'n?" (Who'd buy them?)

A few weeks after that, Kanye West performed at Coachella wearing these:
Btw, I also love that Celine top :-)

and since Kanye was wearing them, I wanted them badly na, lol. (I did try to buy from Burkman Bros. but they ended up being sold-out.) And besides, I've never really been the silver (or gold) type of guy.

Then I saw our friend Coco wearing a long leather strap from H&M, and I asked him to buy for me too. But Tatin was quick to the draw and saw a similar bracelet at Papelmeroti of all places, lol, and bought it for me after co-signing on it via MMS:

I'd usually wear it with my other leather cuff from Armani:

so I'd look like a leather daddy, chos. LOL.

Then my bracelets sort of piled up within weeks.

Tatin got me this from Singapore:

When I'm feeling down, I either wear them individually or pile them all up and smell them because I find that the smell of real leather is a good pick-me-up :-)

During Giff's birthday dinner at Eastwood, Pam pulled me aside to bring me to a stand called The Bead Shop, and lo, friendship bracelets galore!

I love this shop because they use indigenous fiber. Like for example, this really strong abacรก:

"Ayan sir, lalaking lalaki," the becky SA told me, lol.

and this waxed strips of I-forgot-to-ask-what-type-of-fiber. I like that the colors remind me of UP and that they look like rubber bands from afar:

They also have the usual friendship bracelets but this one's made of suede:

They're pretty costly though for friendship bracelets at about P300-P400 apiece, but again, they aren't made of synthetic materials. I'd mix and match them depending on my mood and what I'm wearing:

Then last night, Pam asked the gang to select from her charity bracelets loot from Cotton On. I selected this because it's color black:

Only to realize later that the bird is a swallow. Swallow! The opposite of spit! LOL!

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Deepa said...

Cute! Papemelroti x Armani, bet nobody saw that collab coming haha.

I saw a DIY how-to for friendship bracelets from scrap fabric. I've been hoarding some nice Indian fabric retasos but was on the fence about the whole friendship bracelet idea. Na-convince n'yo ko ni Kanye!

Jason said...

I'm sure ayaw ni lolo Giorgio, lol.

Is that a website? What's the URL? Ma-try ko nga din mag DIY!

thwany said...

love the bracelets.

heyjay said...

I love stacking bracelets.

Deepa said...

The tutorial is somewhere on PS I Made This (which has a lot of other interesting DIYs, btw).

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