Monday, August 22, 2011

Miss Universe 2011 begins now

Miss Universe season has officially started with the arrival of delegates in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is the first time for Brazil, home of the world's top male and female supermodels, samba, and carnival, to host the pageant ever.

Shamcey arrived from Colombia, where she spent a week fine-tuning her pageant-related skills.

Shamcey's arrival photo; I approve of the dress ✓

USA failed to make the cut last year, a rare occurrence, and it seems they are hellbent on preventing a repeat of that in September:

Miss USA Alyssa Campanella -- fresh kung fresh lang

Miss China spent weeks in New York being trained by China's Oprah Winfrey, as reported by Wall Street Journal. She is 6ft tall.

Miss China Rosaline Luo is the new Japan. (By the way, Ines Ligron is no longer the national director for Japan so no comment ako sa candidate nila this year.) Love the studded pink jacket; best arrival outfit, IMO.

* * * *

This year, aside from the Top 15 finalists, there will be an additional slot for the winner of the online poll. Unfortunately, it won't be decided on the number of votes cast, but on the average rating given to the candidate in every country, all of which are also averaged. From the Miss Universe website:

How are the votes tabulated?
Producer will take the average of the total votes from the IP addresses originating from each country. Each country vote will then count as 1 vote, and be averaged with all of the other country votes to give the contestant a final score.

Example: 200 people from Canada vote for Miss Universe Norway and the average of those votes equals a 6, and 800 people from Norway vote for Miss Universe Norway and the average of those votes equals an 8. Canada’s country vote (6) and Norway’s country vote (8) are each counted as 1 vote and are averaged to give Miss Universe Norway a final score of 7.

Vote for Shamcey at the Miss Universe website.

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