Monday, August 01, 2011

J.Walking on Daredevilry

Thanks Eon!

Eon recently began writing about the blogs on his rosterit's an excellent idea, one that I plan on copying, harhar. 

Seriously, I think it's a great way to discover blogs and learn about the people behind them. When Eon mentioned that we've known each other for nine years, it made me realize: a) how time flies, and b) how different social media dynamics were then compared to now. A barrage of tweets and status updates just can't compare to longer and lovingly written entries, no matter how sporadic. Also, today, there's more emphasis on being "re-tweeted" or "re-blogged" than hearing comments from your readers, and hopefully, keep a thread of discussion ongoing. Our attention spanin this case, to provide feedback as a readerhas been reduced to a click. (That's what I miss about Multiply and one of the reasons why I'm never deleting my account thereI have some of the funniest comments thread there.)

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eon said...

call me old school, but tweets just don't do it for me.

give me a lengthy interesting blog post anytime.

Jason said...

Uy, but I love Twitter too, hehe :-D

Katrina said...

hayyy true ka diyan. I can remember pulling my hair out in frustration trying to install haloscan comments on my blog 9 years ago! at funny din ang Multiply threads, but I closed my account na din kasi there's no one way to easily lock all content to private. Iisa-isahin pa, dinelete ko nalang! - Iggy

Jason said...

Yikes, sayang. Madali na syang gawin private ngayon, di ako nag-lock per entry.

Haloscan! Yes, yan din ang gamit ko dati. Tapos pati image uploads, kailangan ibang website din :-D

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