Friday, July 15, 2011

Coup d’eglise

For the record, I don't hate the Church, referring to the people who profess Catholic faith, unless they are just as bigoted and two-faced as its authority figures are. I never dissuaded any of my friends from attending Sunday mass, though it takes effort and I almost always have to bite my lip. I try my best to make this distinction clear in my posts, and if I do otherwise, please call my attention to it and I'll edit out the confusion.

Anyway. All that was to segue to Jose Ma. Montelibano's column for PDI today, titled The Bishop and the Gospels. It's the most sober opinion piece I've read on the subject of the SUV Bishops and it gives props to the tireless men and women who are true to their vow of poverty, and are still generous enough to serve the indigent. (Though I don't agree with his last paragraph, my arguments for which I wrote in my previous post.)

I'll only post the excerpt here, because I'm no Arianna Huffington, lol:

There was much ado about the term “Pajero Bishops” from a senator who appeared like trying hard to pander to the bishops in the senate hearing last Wednesday. It seemed that, as a politician, he was unaware of the real battle that was going on. The current controversy is not about the kind and brand of vehicles asked by bishops from the PSCO, it is about something most fundamental. It is about Catholicism in the Philippines which claims a flock of 80 percent or more of the population and the massive poverty of this same 80 percent or more. It is about this poverty in a country that has been controlled by the Church with the State for 400 years. It is about poverty that is deeply rooted in landlessness and a Church that has wallowed in so much land without buying it, and to a great extent, without making much of it productive.

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