Thursday, June 23, 2011

This works: Sleep

Found this on my bed during my stay at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport:

I love the packaging and the font, and I found it considerate and charming of the hotel.

I don't have problems sleepingeven if I'm on a different bed as long as it's comfortable and I got there on my own accord (lol)so I can't tell if this really knocks the lights out of insomniacs; in my case, it has definitely created a serene and luxurious environment in my room (and bedroom since I gladly took this home). The box contains a pillow spray, which has lavender, vetivert and camomile essential oils; and a roll-on, which contains frankincense and eucalyptus, and which you apply on your pulse points. Hmm, let me see... it's really hard to describe smell so let me put it this way: you'd rather cuddle than do anything strenuous if you have this in your room, lol.

Together with my soy candlea blend of sea moss, citrus and tropical floralsI can't manage to read three pages of my bedside book without falling into deep slumber.

Even Rigoberto Tiglao's rants against Noynoy and his praise
of Gloria Arroyo in the current issue of Rogue were not enough to raise my blood pressure, lol.

You can order This Works: Sleep online but I'm sure we can all concoct our own calming mix of odors (hopefully pleasant too) in the bedroom to help us enjoy our sleep and dreams.

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