Wednesday, June 22, 2011



Nope, I'm not directing my amusement toward an addicted person (and in that sentence basically lies the problem: I'm not even laughing out loud); rather, I overuse the acronym. I'm starting to annoy myself, although I have to admit that when I read other people's (particularly friends') sentence which has LOL in it, I get it. I know how you feel like. I can hear your voice as you breathlessly deliver your joke. I actually find the hirit funny.

I know you have a personality.

I've nothing against the, I guess, more technically correct "hahaha" but if we're going to be strict about these things, my laughter is nothing like hahaha. Nowadays, whenever I've used LOL a hundred times and I need to use hahaha just to switch it up, I am careful not to sound contrived like a chortling contravida. That's how I feel about hahaha.

Hahaha is like LOL with Botox.

Those who complain against LOL also have the same issue against :-P. They say, who actually sticks out their tongue at people except five-year-olds?

I may be a Miss Universe fan but I never actually smile like this: :-D

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Iggy said...

LOL! Actually ako, when I use "hahaha" I actually mean it the way you say - as in contrabida halakhak! tapos BWAHAHA kung tawang balahura.

eon said...

ditto on the lol. i use it alot. esp in commenting. :)

Jason said...

Ay yes, I also use bwahaha pag LOL times 10 ang gusto kong effect, hehe. (And hehe pag medyo pa-sweet ang drama.)

Deepa said...

I still use haha (or hahaha) in my own writing more than LOL. Is this another mark of the dinosaur, like my aversion to Tumblr? I tend to use LOL more when reacting to someone over chat than to punctuate my own hirits. La lang, napaisip talaga ako. Haha. (Eeep!)

Jason said...

Haha,(ayan for your pleasure) di ka pa naman qualified to be a manang. Siguro, it's more of the editor/formal linguist in you?

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