Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Changi Airport

I recently had about two days' worth of stopover in Singapore and I was billeted at the Crowne Plaza Hotel - Changi Airport. Given my situation—the limited time that I had in the country, plus the early connecting flight—I have to say this was the best hotel for it. It was right beside Terminal 3 of Changi Airport (as in I never had to leave the airport premises); just take the elevator down to basement level and you can ride the MRT to the city (about 30 to 40 minutes away). When I had to off-load my baggage from the connecting flight, the airport official who assisted me in the Lost & Found department personally brought my bag to the hotel less than an hour later, instead of the two hours that they usually promise passengers.

According to the hotel website, you can also check-in for your flight at the lobby but I didn't find the need to do it, so I can't tell if it works without hassle. Nevertheless, flight details and schedules as seen from the airport are also displayed at the lobby. It was practically an extension of Changi Airport—and since their airport is world-class, you can hang out in the public areas and buy food, etc. anytime you want.

On my first stay at the hotel, I got a room facing Changi's air control tower:

I thought that was pretty nice already until I was booked in a room facing the runway on my second stay:

That was pretty cool (the room was soundproofed too), although I kept wondering if people on the plane can see through my window and therefore, my bed and toilet activities (but still, that didn't make me shut the drapes, lol).

The hotel had a good layout; I was able to entertain two friends without the room getting cramped, thanks to the couch and coffee table. There are windows from which light can enter so if you're environment-conscious, you can turn off the lights and you'd still have a brightly lit room and toilet in the morning.

I had a minor incident with the telephone on my first stay since it won't ring, but they did get it fixed albeit 45 minutes later. The toiletries smelled good; the bathroom has separated tub and shower areas. Breakfast has a good selection of local Chinese cuisine. I now wish I got to try the pool instead of wasting an hour waiting for ION Orchard to open :-P

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Deepa said...

I've always been curious about this hotel since I used to pass by it all the time on the way to the airport. Nice to see the interior lives up to the exterior. It's too bad I'm not still living in Singapore. We could have met up! Did you get to see Rech or Bea?

Jason said...

I know! I saw Rech and Mayann pero sobrang short time lang talaga. Ano buzz, never daw kayong nagkita-kita while in SG?!

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