Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Never Say Never—in person, lol

I was prepared to be out of place at the Justin Bieber concert because not only do I not belong in Justin's demographics, I also have a brain.



As I posted in my review of his movie, Never Say Never, I actually like AND respect Justin (close!): he is hardworking and he does have musical talents. In fact, as reported by TMZ (via Pammy; not sure how reliable TMZ's source is), he had to barf his way through his Manila concert last night, taking breaks in between to cope with his "chest infection," supposedly. I was amazed that he was still able to sing and dance to his songs without me noticing anything different about his energy.

Though I have to say that more than the concert (too bad, I hardly knew his songs and I didn't have the time to listen to his album) I was more amusedand I mean that in a good wayby the fans, 90 percent of whom were screaming, giggling and gushing girls. I found it very refreshing to be surrounded by people who were pure in their fascination, admiration and dare I say, love for Bieber. The much-awaited part of the concert of course, was finding out who was the lucky girl picked for the song, "One Less Lonely Girl." Tatin and I had a major LOL moment when the chosen one finally appeared on stage, shock and disbelief obvious in her eyes. The camera caught her mouthing the words, "I love you" to Justin so earnestly, and there was a sudden flash of sadness on her face, probably because she knew it would be a fleeting moment and that she can never have him. (Though she must realize that Justin's personal slogan is "Never say never.") I was like, "Girl, dose ka pa lang!" (And I really would like to know what the boys in the audience had in mind when they were watching him. I wonder if they get him or their respective date's propensity to throw themselves at Bieber even if he were only standing still and sweating.)

Anyhow, here's an audio clip of what being in the middle of the frenzy was like:

Thanks to Pammy for the ticket! I didn't take photos because I leave it to professionals, like Jill.

And here's what my boss wrote to me this morning when she learned what I did last night:

I think your approval rating just went a few points lower but I will take your word for it that you have been either bribed or someone had pointed a gun to your head.


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Pajammy said...

hay naku yang boss na yan panoorin mo ng never say never - baka maghanap ng concert ticket sa hong kong! haha!

mymy said...

yung 3rd paragraph mo parang walang period haha pag binasa mo parang hindi ka humihinga LOL

heard the OLLG is a niece of one of the execs of TV5.

i dont know if its a good or bad thing being chosen as OLLG, andami nya ng haters now.

Jason said...

Pam -- Lol, possible; she has a little boy eh!

Mymy -- Oo nga no, that's a long run-on sentence, hehe. (Tinatamad na ko i-edit.)

May nabasa naman ako na anak naman ng daw Smart exec so feeling ko chismis lang.

jaollibee said...

puro sigawan. 1:14 pa lang yan. e tumagal ng 1hr+ concert di ba? haha! i was in the area but i left bago pa magka-traffic palabas ng MOA.

Jason said...

Jao -- I wonder if may nahimatay :-P

Grabe nga ung traffic and yung dami ng tao. Took us close to two hours to get to MOA before the concert.

Jason said...

(No idea why my reply to you Jao was deleted.)

But yes, ang traffic -- we spend almost 2 hours on the road going to the concert from Makati!

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