Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Give us this day

Wow, did I change.

While some reaction in Twitter-verse and Facebook-dom after Osama's death were pragmatic, e.g., "It does not stop Al Qaeda"; "Terrorist cell groups still exist"; and "It was a great moral victory but it may not mean more than that*,"opinions I probably would've sided with in a different time of my lifeI'm all like,

Can't we just be happy for the Americans, the world, for us (this country has been, and continues to be a victim, too) for ONE DAY, and just relish that thought, that fantasy, that there's world peace in place at that very moment?!

*Ressa and other experts I can understand: they've studied terrorist movements long enough to be in a constant state of pragmatism. I'm not as understanding with the rest.

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