Monday, April 04, 2011

Things I love: St Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion

This is the lotion that I ended up buying before I stumbled on the Neutrogena Body Oil. Not to say that I had regrets; I'd be happy to stock up on this product once I'm through my first bottle.

This is one among the line of St Ives body lotion and I selected this particular variant because: first, I was really attracted by the packaging :-P; and second, I love both oatmeal and shea butter. (I knew nothing about shea butter until I discovered this soap which I'm in love with and will also blog about soon :-P. Ako na si Kinny Salas, lol.)

From the St. Ives website:

At this point you might wonder just how dry my skin was, and let me just say, it was really bad that I suddenly had to care about my moisturizing regimen. Previously, I was just focused on taking care of my face, but now, I realized the glory of body lotions and moisturizers!

This one has a rich, sweet and musky, creamy smellalmost coconut-yand would be appropriate for men. It smells so good that one day, while I was about to leave the house, my mom said she's been really liking the perfume I've been using the past few days. The thing was I haven't been using a perfume, just St. Ives.

Also, it's not greasy. I use this with the Neutrogena Body Oil and I don't feel sticky afterward, which says a lot about how good these two products are. (Time will tell, though, if I'd still feel the same way should the summer months get real bad.) The moisturizing effect also lasts the entire day. (Touch me to believe it, lol!)

St Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion retails for about P225 (I think this is about 500ml). Here's the back label:

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eon said...

i'm a st. ives lover myself. i use the apricot scrub as facial wash and the colagen elastin as face/body moisturizer. im happy with both. :)

im on the look out for whitening body wash and all i saw was vaseline for men so im trying it out. too early to tell though if there's an effect.

Jason said...

Kaw ha, ba't ayaw mo ng kulay kayumanggi? :-P

eon said...

ayaw ko on my self, but i appreciate it sa boylets. :)

like ko ang contrast ng creamy white sa coffeeskinned.

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