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My Bb Pilipinas 2011 final bets

The finals night is on Sunday, April 10, to be telecast on ABS-CBN. Last year, I guessed all Top 5 correctly (and all my favorites ended up in the Top 10), so I'm anxious to know if I'll be as lucky this year.

I posted my early favorites here but I decided to trim them down to the following based on the interviews and videos I've seen on TV and YouTube.

To be honest, I am not super wowed by any contestants this year and it's probably because they are short by Miss Universe standards. On average, Miss Universe candidates are 5'9. The Bb Pilipinas contestants this year are all 5'7 to 5'6, with one or two exceptions. I'm also thinking about the host Miss Universe country, Brazil, and I think it's safe to say that its citizens are used to seeing supermodels left and right. They'd expect more from Miss Universe delegates.

In any case, here are my final bets:

Miss Universe: Shamcey Supsup #26

I'm pretty confident that she'll win the grand title as she fits the stereotype of past Bb. Pilipinas - Universe winners: Pinay beauty with striking features, enough to appeal to an international audience.

However, she's still a long way from being a Miss Universe contender. She'll have to work on toning her arms (too thin, especially if you look at her talent competition video below; she looks like she's gonna collapse after 10 push-ups), improving her catwalk (her present walk is awkward and too tentative for my taste); and injecting more personality in her answers (too straightforwardexcellent in real life, but won't be memorable for a panel of judges who will be interviewing 80 women in one day. I wonder how Venus Raj did it.) The good news is that she can all work on this until September.

Shamcey's talent competition video

Bb Pilipinas no longer holds the license for Miss World, and I don't really care about Miss International, so I won't mind whoever wins the other two titles (they added another one which I never heard of; until now, I'm not sure which international pageant it is exactly, lol.)

MJ Lastimosa, #34

She has the best body in this year's competition and perhaps, in Bb Pilipinas history. She's outstanding in the catwalk as well. I read somewhere that she's about 5'6, although she appears tall onstage because of her long legs and good body proportion. It's not hard to imagine her representing the country for Miss Universe, but I'm concerned about her height, plus looking at her facial features, I think her teeth need some adjustment. Or maybe I'm just nitpicking here.

Kathleen Subijano, #30

I love this lady! Even with just 5, 10 seconds of exposure in the camera, you immediately get a sense of her bubbly, Elle Woods-like personality. I think she needs to work on her make-up though as she has been inconsistent in her photos and she looks older in some. Nevertheless, I'd be happy to see her in the Top 5.

Patricia Tumulak, #6

I have to give credit where credit is due. I'm not her fan but she has to be one of the most-prepared candidates in the competition. She knows her angles, she knows how to work her dresses and costumes during fashion shows and press presentations, and she's not bad in the interview department. However, she's only 5'6 (others posted she's 5'5) and I noticed that she's easily drowned out by the other candidates especially when they're all sharing the stage together. Still, she just might do well enough in the Miss International pageant.

These ladies should also do well:

Chloe McCully

Diana Arevalo and Isabella Manjon

Hay, I really like Chloe but I just don't feel that she wants to win badly. Too bad, as aside from looking gorgeous, I love how she gives no-nonsense answers in her interviews. Diana I think has the perfect face in the competition but again, there's the height issue and I think she has a problem with her back (posture). As with Patricia, I'm not a fan of Isabella, but she has a sweet face and good stage presence.

Watch to see a glimpse of all the candidates:

6 * :

mechamonk said...

Good picks, J. You've underlined perfectly their best qualities. I like Ms. Supsup as well, I love the way she holds a pen (Go UP Arki!).

My money, however, is on Candidate #23, Luzelle Felipe. There's something refreshing about her, but she needs to work on her onstage presence and communication skills.

Shan Abellaneda said...

ms tourism queen international daw pinalit according to wikipedia :) some unknown pageant hehe

Blue Arden said...

Monch -- Pretty nga din si Luzelle kaso yun nga, mukhang tatagilid sa interview. Same with this other candidate, Jen Gubat.

Shan -- Juice ko, lahat na lang ginawang ng title, lol.

Anonymous said...

again, very good prediction. that's why i so love your blog! =)

Jason said...

Thanks! Although I'm disappointed one of my picks didn't even make it to the Top 15 at all! (Chloe).

Monch, ang galing ng Luzelle prediction mo! I became a fan during the pageant. I thought she deserved the Ms International crown.

mechamonk said...

Great predictions, Jase! :) I was a bit apprehensive that Shamcy won't get the nod for the Ms. U title last night. Most of those in the top 15 handled the Q&A decently.

Glad that #23 won the long gown award. Wasn't really the best gown though, but compared to a parade of beautiful maxi dusters... teeheehee

Overall: Good program, smart, beautiful winners! :)

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