Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Never say

... you're never gonna watch Justin Bieber's movie because that's what I said and I had to eat my words last night when I finally did see the movie, Never Say Never.

In 3D.

The movie is essentially a biopic: Justin is only 16 so that fits quite easily into a two-hour movie. It chronicles how he was raised by a single mother and her grandparents; showed immense musical talents as a child; became a hit in the local community; and eventually rose to fame in YouTube. Having only been a professional artist in a year, will he be able to successfully mount a concert at Madison Square Garden?

Despite the many materials on Justin—all those family photos home videos, and interviews, YouTube clips, tweets, radio guestings, amateur competitions, and media reports—it was a tightly and well-edited film, making creative use of fan videos, concert tour performances, and documentary-style interviews. I can only imagine how fans must have screamed/squirmed/giggled in their seats while watching the film: 3D technology sure has made Justin so unbearably close and life-like, especially in that segment wherein they discussed his famous/infamous hair.

Now I have to say, I did deride Justin Bieber fans on Twitter for professing undying love for who I personally think looks like a lesbian. (Not that it's wrong to profess love for a lesbian.) However, after seeing the movie, I'd be happy to lay off the Bieber jokes. I can't count the number of times I was impressed by his talent every time they showed his home videos. I also love that he still sleeps at his grandparents' house, keeps in touch with his childhood friends, and that when he heard Madonna comment on how the industry robbed Michael Jackson of his childhood, he told his manager to "not let that happen to me." He also works very hard (or pwede ding works out very hard—when the movie showed him shirtless, the young boy behind us couldn't help but blurt out, "Wow, big muscles." Awkward.) and would definitely put the many starlets, who bank on nothing but celebrity status and fame-whoring, to shame.

Needless to say I love this movie, and I now like Justin Bieber :-)

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eon said...

oh cge, im gonna watch, pero sa torrent na lang. hahaha

Jason said...

But you'll miss Bieber's hair in 3D! LOL!

eon said...

HAHAHA. Kita follicles?

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

I cried maybe 5x while watching this movie :))

Ang pogi ng tatay ni Justin ;)

Jason said...

Eon -- Yes! Baka may type ka pang makita kay Justin, makikita mo din in 3D, lol.

Razielle -- True, ang daming tearjerker and 'aaaw' moments. At ang pogi nga nung tatay, haha! Pati yung manager cute din :-P

Deepa said...

Naloka ako sa drum-beating baby clip! That's talent!

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