Monday, March 07, 2011


So. Earlier, I was looking at hotels in Hong Kong because I was trying to decide if I should spend my birthday week there. (By the way, I use for hotel booking transactions because I find the deals generally good; if you know a better site, please do share :-D)

As I was browsing through the roster, I stumbled on The Peninsula in Hong Kong, which of course, is a beautiful hotel with a lot of history as the Kowloon property is also The Peninsula's flagship hotel. Of course, as its crown jewel, accommodation doesn't come cheap: a room costs P20,000++ a night, at the least.

I clicked on the hotel as I fantasized how grandiose it would be to stay there. I entered pretend-dates to see how much an entire week of stay would amount to. It didn't show the total amount, but instead, it asked for my credit card details, which I duly entered. I was thinking, it would ask me for a final confirmation before the transaction is finalized.

I clicked enter. The next page sent shivers down my spine; pinagpawisan ako ng ice water ng bonggang bongga:

Dear XXX Jason XXX, your booking with Agoda is confirmed and complete. The hotel voucher was sent to your e-mail address. You must present it to the hotel at check-in. 

Ay pota. Downpayment ng sasakyan!!! LOL!

I scrambled to cancel my booking (which *I think* I successfully did; otherwise, you'd find me sipping afternoon tea at The Pen and then proceeding to Wan Chai at night for work, lol), albeit, I was charged US$15 for the cancellation. While I hated to see how the amount just vanished into thin air, I'm just grateful Agoda had a cancellation policy for this particular transaction. (Some don't, especially for promos, similar to those Cebu Pacific low-fare promos.)

Anyway, what a way to rouse me back to reality :-P

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almi said... also offers low rates plus free cancellation at least seven days before booked date. :)

Jason said...

Thanks! Will compare prices later :-)

Mackay said...

Haha! Winner. I use Agoda too =)

Jason said...

Don't follow my lead! LOL!

Deepa said...

Hahaha! I'm sure it was an Erlinda Ligot moment, a.k.a. sudden and debilitating altapresyon.

I find Agoda better for Asian hotels. Got really good deals on Singapore, Manila and Cebu hotels. Here in Europe I seem to get better deals on

eon said...

epic fail! hahaha

Jason said...

OMG, yes Ligot moment, with a Leila de Lima factor kasi umaksyon ako agad, haha!

Shan Abellaneda said...

haha. i also booked thru agoda awhile ago and also thought there was going to be a confirmation page. di maganda user experience nung site nila. though buti nga they allow cancellation.

u can also try, or yan lang usually sites that i go to for hotel bookings :)

Jason said...

They used to have one! Looks like they made changes.

Thanks for the tip, Shan!

Mona said...

i stayed there overnight en route to vietnam on a business trip. the hotel (and the whole town!) was fully booked for a medical conference, so only choice was to get a suite. omg! a tv screen was embedded in the mirror! if you turn it off, mirror lang siya. sobrang aliw!

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