Monday, March 07, 2011

The Adjustment Bureau

  • Splendid acting from Matt Damon and Emily Blunt; I cannot imagine anyone else capable of giving credence to this sci-fi thriller without reducing the premise into incredulity. As a young Congressman running for Senator, this must be Matt's best role yet (though I haven't seen Good Will Hunting in a long while): I love how one look at him and you instantly get a feel of his character's narrative (my new word for the month :-D). Emily was flawlessit was easy to believe how one man would throw caution to the wind (apologies for the clichΓ©, I'm avoiding spilling a potential spoiler here) for this woman.
  • Awesome premise, albeit overused: destiny versus free will. Amusing in that 'God' was given a bureaucratic treatment, and thus, is referred to in the movie as 'The Chairman,' and hence, I keep imagining the face of our company's own CEO and Chairman, who does have a slight resemblance to the Western image of a catholic God. 'Angels' in this case appear as corporate drones ("We do need vacations," said one to the other) clad in suits and fedoras.
  • The ending was as trite as Hollywood can be, which was a shame.

4 * :

eon said...

so will i just wait for the dvd?

(on a side note, i do love emily blunt)

Jason said...

This is the first time I seriously liked Matt Damon. (And like you, I love Emily too.) The direction and cinematography is rich in that somber and broody kind of way. (Parang film 101 journ student lang kung magsulat, lol.)

I guess these deserve the P200 ticket price :-D

Medyo letdown lang talaga yung ending (for me ha) because throughout the film, ang smart ng pagkaka-treat sa movie (and that is thanks largely to the actors).

Deepa said...

The trailer had me at John Slattery!

Jason said...

Yup, he's a looker in a sophisticated Olsen Wilson kind of way, lol.

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