Thursday, February 10, 2011


I stumbled on this on-site wedding video on my Tumblr dashboard and it's... a hipster wedding! LOL!

But seriously, this is way, way too beautiful. I love the rustic and spontaneous, seemingly random, quality of the video and wedding. I can feel their love all the way to here.

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! (And no, I don't know them, lol.)

Wedding Preview: Noah and Rachael 8.14.10
from Ben Potter & Drew Barefoot on Vimeo.

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Style Anywhere said...


Deepa said...

Aww naiyak ako, anubuh. The guy looks like he just won a million bucks. Kasi naman ang ganda ng girl.

Actually ang ganda ng music! Ang ganda ng lahat!

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