Friday, January 28, 2011

Permutations of a speech

Pam asked me to give a speech during her book launch. I consider it a huge honor so I said yes, even if the thought of public speaking gives me the jitters. Besides, I think this will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; I don't imagine anyone else inviting me to speak at their book launch, lol.

The first thing I did was search "speech during book launch" on Google. LOL. I mean, I wanted an idea on what speakers are supposed to say aside from the congratulatory remarks. It didn't help that the top result included one given by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. It was very intimidating. I scared. (By the way, none of the results helped, so I'll be winging my way through it.)

As I write this post, it's four hours from the event and I'm on my third formal draft. The changes are mostly for brevity, as well as tweaks on my jokes—I'm seriously terrfied that they'd fall flat. I'm also scared that I might go blank—I don't plan to read from a cue card because I want it to be very spontaneous and light. I cannot appear nervous and my delivery should not sound memorized.

My stomach is churning and I'm trembling. And by the time this post is published, I'd be up on stage. Eeek!

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