Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black Swan, 127 Hours and Love and Other Drugs

Black Swan

One word: wow. I will not even attempt to write a review because I can't give it justice. It's a depressing movie; it will suck out all that is beautiful in this world (ironic considering this is about, among others, ballet, an institutionalized form of beauty). Natalie Portman disappears as she was completely in character, a dual one at that. Her transformation at some point in the film was amazingshe frightened me.

Black Swan will be in Manila theaters on February 24.

* * * *

127 Hours

My problem with this movie is James Franco. You know how obnoxious it sounds when people say beauty can be a curse? Well, it is true after all and James has that problem. He looked too beautiful in this film, I couldn't read into anything from his performance except for his constant preening at the cameras.

What I did love was the Slumdog Millionaire team of Danny Boyle (direction) and A.R Rahman (music), who both provided texture to what could've been a boring material of  rocks and sand. (Now that I think about it, perhaps that was the reason why they cast James Franco; para nga naman may magandang tignan.) However, while their deft use of crazy camera angles, split screen and electronic and pop music was commendable, I thought Danny in particular went overboard with the hallucinations and cheese.

Watch out for that speech about the rock, how it waited for its moment to figure into someone's life; that was awesome screenplay at work.

127 Hours opens in Manila theaters on February 9.

* * * *

Love and Other Drugs

In this case, Jake's beauty and constant preening works because that was the rolehe could make any woman fall in love with him, except Anne Hathaway. Yes, the plot couldn't be any more redundant but there is depth to this movie. Don't let the trailer deceive you (which was awful by the way; the actors and the film itself didn't deserve that).

Are relationships fair? Do you give as much as you take? Do both of you contribute equally into your relationship? Should there be such measurements? Those are hard questions—should you even ask them?

Love and Other Drugs is now in theaters.

5 * :

heyjay said...


loved Love and Other Drugs.

can't wait to watch Black Swan.

isn't gonna watch 127 hours.

Jason said...

Nakakainis yung cuts! Hello, trenta na ko no!

Hopefully they don't cut out scenes in Black Swan and 127 Hours too.

Deepa said...

Movie marathon? LOL. I'm so excited to see Black Swan but dreading it at the same time!

Jason said...

Haha, yes three movies in a row.

I saw the theater where you're planning to watch it -- perfect choice!

mida said...

I think they cast Franco because he would have been one of the few American actors of his generation to handle proper narration with ease. I saw him being interviewed in Inside The Actor's Studio and was amazed at how much respect and dedication he has for the acting craft.

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