Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It has been eight years, indeed

I cannot be trusted with this book review because the author is my best friend, lol. That said, I am giving it 5 stars out of 5! LOL!

The blogging culture has progressed from an online version of one's journal to a website that cater to a niche market. While I find the latter useful for my interests in fashion and chismis, I have to admit that I seriously, seriously miss reading the journal type. It's been a while since I've discovered anyone new, whose writing, wit and humor I'd crave for day and night. (To the Internet's credit, it's a huge sea out there—please feel free to make recommendations.)

So yes, there's a vacuum in my heart left by my Pinoy blogger heroes. Ranking number on the list is the person who actually forced me to set up a blogger account, Pam.

Hence, Paper Cuts, her collection of online essays, is a nostalgic trip not only for those who personally know her but also for anyone who blogged their personal stories and made friends with fellow bloggers, meeting them for coffee and not through a PR event. It's a vicarious thrill, getting to know the intimate secrets of a stranger (though as a reader, one must remind himself that blog entries alone do not a person make), and for an aspiring writer like myself, to see how the author deftly strings words together to make an otherwise mundane entry entertaining.

It's a feel-good book (it's classified as Humor in National Bookstore Shangri-La but I would really love to see it under Philippine Literature instead) and I'm sure it's not just because you'd feel good about never having seen your mother with a vibrator, an unfortunate and hilarious incident for Pam which made it in one of the chapters.

Her writing voice is not irritating. The tricky thing with writing about oneself is that there's a danger—an easily crossed line at that—when the author becomes obnoxious. (And they're not only found in blogs; they're found on Twitter and Facebook, too.) For some reason, Pam writes like she's your best friend (and yes, I am giggling as I type this; objectivity for the win, lol!) and it's no wonder she has amassed a respectable, if not a huge number of readership: her writing is style is accommodating and fun without the frills.

My only complaint regarding this book really is that it can be read in one sitting; obviously that's not enough to tide me over until Anvil publishes a part two :-P

Read the story behing the making of Paper Cuts by the writer herself here. I couldn't have been any prouder of you, Pammy—your blog entries are now a book!!! I'm so happy for you and congratulations!!!

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I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

I still enjoy reading online journals :)

I discovered currystrumpet through your blog. I love her blog and have been reading it for 5 years.

I think I started reading Pam's blog in 2003, sabay kayo :)

I became friends with Arlene Paredes (crypticmess) because we discovered each other's blogs at a time na hindi pa uso ang self-promotion at tinatago ko pa ang blog ko :)) Nakaka-aliw kasi pareho kami ng pinasukang high school pero naging magkaibigan lang kami dahil sa blog namin :)

I can't think of anyone to recommend right now, I'll check my bloglovin. Balikan kita. :)

Jason said...

I met Arlene through 2bU!; small world! :-D And Deepa's (currystrumpet) an ex-colleague. I'm sure her blog will be even more exciting as she moves to Amsterdam :-)

Happy New Year!

Pajammy said...

I love you, J <3

Thank you :)

And I miss the good old days of blogging too..

Deepa said...

Special mention daw ako? Haha!

Sometimes I feel like a dinosaur for never graduating from the Dear Diary school of blogging. Minsan rin feeling ko sign of old age na najijirita ako sa mga panay repost lang ng mga nasasagap nila sa ibang blogs. Some notable SG fashion blogs come to mind, jejeje.

I almost bought this book but went for Twisted 9 instead. I think if I can make another trip to the bookstore before I go, I will grab this and Illustrado na!

Jason said...

I love you too Pammy! :-D

Deepa -- Aargh, still haven't read Illustrado! My reading list has been piling up.

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