Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Oh, something random—let's discuss plagiarism!

"Plagiarism... comes from the Latin word that literally means 'kidnapping'—'plagiarius.' To plagiarize another person’s thoughts, expressions, ideas or creative work and pass it off as one’s own is, in effect, kidnapping in a different guise. And where the proof lies in the simple act of comparing the two works in question side by side—word for word and line by line—and concluding from there that one had indeed copied from the other, 'malicious intent,' whatever it is in this case, would not even be a question."

Open season, Philippine Daily Inquirer editorial, October 23, 2010

In my vocabulary (as well as my friends'; I sought their opinion), translating my blog post from Tagalog to English constitutes plagiarism. No self-proclaimed writer would even attempt doing so, that is, if they have respect for the word, 'writer.' (Even I find it hard to attach the title to my name; depending on the circumstance, I introduce myself as an editor or journalist.)

I mean, come on! *wipes off sweat from eyebrow with ring finger* If you were hit with inspiration by another work—whether that may be a song, a painting, an art installation, a novel, or a measly blog post by some measly blogger—just cite the darn source! If your ego's too huge to accept the fact, then good for you! Have some integrity and create—whip up something original—it's what writers do.

I understand the Supreme Court has legalized plagiarism but that does not mean people would no longer find it disgusting.

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