Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My take on the new DOT campaign is...

November 18, 2010

Of course, it then becomes a huge problem when the recently launched Pilipinas Kay Ganda logo turns out to be plagiarized.

Image: Twitter user @Rambuc

Comparing the two side-by-side, it is obvious that one copied from the other. You understand that, you dimwitted plagiarist?

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... that the new slogan is the least of our problems.

For example: did you know that a round-trip flight from Manila to my father's hometown in Batanes is 75 percent more expensive than a trip to Hong Kong? (I know there are ROI factors to consider but still; I find it frustrating for the domestic tourist.)

And there are the problems with cab drivers, public transportation and pollutionthose that make a mark on a tourist's first impression of the Philippines once they step outside our airportsand many others that I'd rather not name because we all know what we need to fix. I guess, my point is, for the Philippines, it's more than just a branding issue. Of course, a brand helps: let's bring on the adjectiveswow, amazing and kay ganda. I just don't get why people are so... angry over this new DOT campaign. 

What's wrong with "kay ganda" (so beautiful)? Granted there is nothing wrong with "Wow Philippines!", eh sa maganda naman talaga ang Pilipinas bukod sa 'wow' ito. Will tourist arrivals drop if we use this campaign?

I don't even know what Indonesia's and Vietnam's advertising slogans are but they are ahead of the Philippines in 2009 arrivals, with Cambodia, (My goodness, Cambodia!!! They only have the Angkor Wat! We have over 7,000 islands!!!) whose advertisements I haven't seen either, catching up way too closely. Malaysia is ahead of the pack with what I personally find as the most obnoxious slogan of allTruly Asia. (What makes an Asian country truly... um, Asian? It reeks of arrogance; I'm surprised Filipinos, who rile over the slightest of things, haven't filed a complaint at The Hague: "Sinong tinatawag nilang pekeng Asian?!")

So you really can't tell with these slogans; who knows? There is more to tourism than spurning catchy sound bites for moneyed travelers. 

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VICTOR said...

More than a slogan, a unique image concept is what the DOT should work on. I think.

Jason said...

Yup, good point. I think the early 90s' Fiesta Islands campaign was able to strike that chord in its ads. Wow Philippines was witty but you really can't tell what exactly is "more than the usual." Easy to make a joke out of, too.

Cambodia really shocked me. I wonder though if it's because it's a landlocked country.

eon said...

there's this blog called everything everywhere whose blogged said that the philippines is one of the destinations he's gone to that he experienced so much corruption in. sadly, it's true what he said.

Jason said...

Sa cab palang eh, aabusuhin ka na.

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

I like Truly Asia :)

Jason said...

Every time I see it, I feel like it's mocking us and all other Asian countries, lol!

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