Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Merry Christmas na by 1:43

I have to agree with Mon: this is way much better than the ABS-CBN Christmas station ID, lol. And the song's catchy too!

Thysz originally posted this on her Tumblr and when I read her and @elvinelvinelvin's tweet about the male camel toe in the music video, I just had to watch it for myself. And yes, the camel toe sings too! *chos*

She also lists poetic wisdom from the song that would make Pablo Neruda weep:

Your love for me is warm
And with you is where I belong
And you shine so bright in my life
Para kang parol sa aking bubong…


Ganito pala ang feeling ng paskong may ka loving
Three kings ang dating
Sarap ng monita La-christmas bonita Angel ka sinta
Pag-ibig naghahari My heart so very happy umaga hanggang gabi
Tayo’y mangagsiawit ng magagandang himig
Coz you and I We’re Pag-ibig

Because love is all about being hoisted up on the bubong and suspended indefinitely like a shining parol, right? Ü

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Mon said...

Hello, my Monito-LaChristmas-Bonito!!! :-*

Ilang days na 'kong na-e-LSS sa song na 'to ah! I can't find the composer's info, though. I'm thinking it might be a Jun Murillo composition; the melody resembles Sarah Geronimo's "Sa Iyo" kasi.

"Sa Iyo":

Jason said...

LOL! Hello, my shining parol :-D

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