Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No stand

A cursory glance at the tables of comparison set out in Justice Serano’s opinion reveals repeated verbatim or near-verbatim uses of text from our article without attribution. If a law student submitted an essay with this much cut-and-paste text, without attribution, he or she would almost certainly be subject to disciplinary action.

— statement by Professors Evan Fox-Decent (McGill) and Evan Criddle (Syracuse), 
authors of one of the articles plagiarized by Mariano del Castillo

I'm disturbed by the fact that aside from UP's, no other law school, or educational institution for that matter, have spoken against the supreme court's (I refuse to bestow it the honor of uppercase letters) decision to glorify unintentional plagiarism. (I didn't mean to cut-and-paste verbatim; therefore, I'm innocent of theft.) Isn't the academic community the largest stakeholder in this?

No, I'm not advocating mob rule. I only wish these other schools have balls.

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