Monday, October 04, 2010

It's Christmas!

I'm finding myself less and less interested in material things. That's why when my family and friends kept buggering me about the birthday present I wanted, there really wasn't anything for me to sayI get to enjoy their love and company and those are more than enough for me to feel contented and wealthy. (O ha!)

So when I finally received my birthday gifts this year, I knew I was going to be happy with whatever they were giving me since I wasn't expecting for anything, i.e., no room for disappointment. But what can I say, I have friends and a boyfriend with razor-sharp memories and winning shopping skills because as I unwrapped one present after another, I found myself screaming (in thought), "Yay!!! I've always wanted this!!!" or "Eeeeep!!! I wished for this nga pala!!! and "Yaaaay!!!! I finally have it!"

Seriously, kaloka kayo. Mas alam nyo pa kaysa sakin yung mga gusto ko, lol!

Mwah!!!! Thanks so much Ate, Jill, Pam, Tatin and my perfect boyfriend, Mon for making Christmas come early :-D I also have a gift from my colleagues but I wasn't able to take a photo of it last Friday. It's a condiments container in the shape and form of a camera lens, lol! See, no disappointments, lol!

Shopping for a planner is always a huge task for me. No need for that next year! 

Note from Pam and Jill that made me "Aaw" and laugh at the same time.

I love hand creams! Tatin remembered me asking her about this particular brand because I loved the smell.

Technically Tatin's pasalubong from SG. Super low-cut itez, haha!

We met relatively recently lang but I feel like I've known her for decades!

Yay! After all the hype, I can't wait to read this one :-D

I loooove Mon's taste (LOL!). Couldn't get over his beautifully wrapped gift, I
cut off a piece of the wrapper for my scrapbook. 

Yay! I wanted this last year pa. Instituto Cervantes Manila umbrella with wood handle.


I remember complaining to Mon that I hated how my old Lock & Lock lunch box would absorb
food smell 'til the next day. This premium line promises none of that.

Never got around to replacing my old Havaianas with the broken strap :-P

Chopsticks with a spoon end for soup. Brilliant, lol!

Totally forgot about this one already :-D

Love :-D

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jaollibee said...

happy birthday! :)

almi said...

happy birthday, papa jason! ;P

Jason said...

Aba Jao, multimedia ka talaga mag-greet, lol. Thanks!

Thanks din Almi! :-D

Deepa said...

love your gifts! what all of them seem to have in common is great design. happy birthday again!


belated happy birthday Jason

Jason said...

Thanks Deepa and Ram!

Yup, parang curated :-D

Jason said...

Wait, gifts ARE in effect, curated... as a whole, I mean :-D

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