Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Top 3 UP Pep Squad routines

I've been a fan of the UP Pep Squad for as long as I can remember. Even before my freshman orientation, I already knew that the squad was one of UP's celebrated teams in the UAAP. And it never disappointed: it consistently placed in the Top 3 of the Cheerdance Competition, and its golden years were during the time that I was still a university student. I liked how they incorporated themes into their Cheerdancing Competition routines, especially during their championship years (1999, 2000, 2001): hip hop, taebo, synchronized swimming, etc.

After those years, I could only slap my forehead as the UP Pep Squad donned some of the most baduy costumes ever worn at the CDC. As in yaaaack! I couldn't help but admire and feel jealous of the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe, who always managed to look pristine not only in their uniforms, but also in the execution of their stunts.

Fortunately, in 2007, UP saw the light and experienced a renaissance, lol. The female members cut their hair and the squad wore one of the best CDC uniforms ever. They also brought their routine to a whole new level of angas. From then on, the squad has performed some of the most memorable routines in CDC history.

One of UP's signature moves: the Oblation pose via toss-to-hands extension to cupie (1:02 in the video).
(Trivia: I, Mon and his sister are wearing the whitest shirts among the UP crowd; try to spot us :-P)
photo: www.paulryantan.multiply.com

For the next few days, I'm posting my Top 3 UP Pep Squad CDC routines.

At number 3:

Third-place, 2009 UAAP Cheerdance

As I wrote in detail in this entry, this routine is the UP Pep Squad's salute to UP and its students. The members wore stylized school uniforms with a sablay, the sash used during commencement exercises. As props, there was the Ikot jeepney, UP's main mode of transportation, that transformed into an eagle as found in the school's seal.

The reason why I only ranked this as third is because of three major errors that I felt cost UP its crown: the failed throw pitch mounting to A-frame (0:33); a tumble in one of the tumbling passes (2:02); and a fall in of the six heel stretches prior to the bow-and-arrow (2:15). However, this is a strong performance in that no other squad in the UAAP has ever done a full twist, throw pitch mounting and at 1-1-1 at that!!! (0:22) (Kahit na ba assisted.) The series of pyramids that start at 2:26 are also impressive: two swedish falls; two deadman lifts; and two 2-2-1 pyramids with half-twist mounting with three single-base extensions (one unassisted and one with a female base). I also love what is becoming their signature move, the four successive tosses. For this year, it's the kick basket toss, with two triples and two doubles (0:08). The last pyramid,  the difficult 3-3-4 (three main bases, three mid-bases and four flyers), is icing on the cake.

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