Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Top 2 UP Pep Squad routine

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I initially ranked this as my number one UP Pep Squad routine but I decided to give bigger props to style, creativity and choreography over skills, which I'll explain in my succeeding entry. Nonetheless, this competition piece is the cleanest, best-executed routine by the squad ever, ending UST's five-streak wins, and which includes this awesome mounting for its first pyramid:

Better than Rome: Flat-back to Double Hitch pyramid—built in one count!

This 2007 routine is what I would say ushered the team's renaissance into the UAAP CDC. From hereon, I've no complaints of the squad's concepts and styling.

In this Rock-themed routine, the squad opens with a series of three different stunts: five back flips, a full twist basket toss, and five Arabesque rotating into heel stretches. It is then followed by four successive (albeit simple) tosses (1:07), a signature routine element as I mentioned in my previous post. A gender-bending all-male partner stunts start at 2:31, with one male cheerleader doing the scorpion (2:31). Throughout the routine, the squad maintains clean lines in its formations, with a notable segregation between male and female cheerdancers in the dance sequences.

The highlight of this routine begins at 3:05 as the squad, then featuring the best tumblers among all eight schools, creates a series of formations to the beat of the drums, then proceeds to do a series of tumbling passes, climaxing with three full twisters.

What follows are a dizzying array of tosses, partner stunts and pyramids, ending with the Swedish Falls and Oblation pose:

Full video:

First-place, 2007 UAAP Cheerdance

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