Friday, September 03, 2010

On heart and sleeves

Just came back from my and the boyfriend's vacation-slash-his birthday celebration in Hong Kong. I hadn't been there in 6 years (!!!) so I totally looked forward to checking out both the new and old places the city had to offer.

We were initially apprehensive about the trip due to the Manila hostage crisis that enraged Hong Kong nationals; fortunately, our nervousness quickly disappeared as we easily breezed through immigrations, and later, as we traveled from the airport to the hotel, and I realized that life seemed to go on normally for them, at least from the outside. I also fortuitously bumped into a former colleague at the MTR, and he said that while there has been public outrage over the Philippines government's botched response during the crisis, the Chinese have remained peaceful. Still, he said I was smart to have worn black (I told him I consciously left out bright colors from my Hong Kong wardrobe as my sign of respect for their grieving) as his father, who's also in town for a vacation, wore a shirt with the Philippines flag and its colors upon his arrival, to my colleague's 'surprise.' Curiously enough, we did see two other tourists wearing Pilipinas shirts—I couldn't decide if that was stupidity or bravery.

Aside from the muted colors, I also wore the ID lace of my company as we are headquartered in China and we're in the business of helping mostly Chinese small and medium enterprises. But other than that, I never had to deny my nationality and declare I was Malaysian (an initial plan, I admit; and in any case, I do pass for a Chinese) and we freely spoke Tagalog in public.

Although yep, we didn't get a hotel upgrade :-P (Asa pa, di ba?)

Anyhoo, here are some excerpts from yesterday's South China Morning Post:

Basically, the gist is that no, they don't foresee themselves visiting the country in "years," even though one travel agency pointed out that they don't usually go here to visit Manila but to go to beach destinations, such as Boracay and Palawan. There's just no point, is what the article seemed to have suggested,

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daredevilry said...

so fasyon! i love your outfit. :)

Jason said...

Yay, thanks! :-D

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