Thursday, September 09, 2010

The best UP Pep Squad routine of all time

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Ito, first two minutes palang ng routine, alam kong champion na. I didn't get to see this live, unlike the last two routines I posted, and I remember watching this on TV with my mouth open. Ang galing ng transitions going to the opening pyramid, marked by various proud (and stylized) warrior's poses.

The theme for this 2008 routine is Tribo and the entire performance shows a warrior being called into battle—sariling interpretation ko na lang, but I think you can tell the story on your own: from the gathering of troops, to the animal sacrifice, to the call for arms and finally, preparation for battle.

I super love the drum beat that starts at 4:38 as the squad stomps their fists onto the ground. In the animation below, they then form a heartbeat as their spears turn into.. pompoms!

I also loved how the maroon and green colors create a sweeping effect across the floor to introduce segment transitions. Here, they are used to cap the routine, marking the first time a squad was not on the floor mat at the end of its performance. Instead, the audience was greeted by Oble:

This routine is nowhere near perfect—there were several errors caught by the Studio 23 feed, though from other videos taken at Araneta and posted on YouTube, they seemed negligible. However, major, major win ang styling ng routine na 'to—a Pinoy choreographer (and I assume UP alumnus) based in Hong Kong Disneyland flew in to help create this routine—and I think the entire performance showed how well-crafted and tailored the choreography, stunts, music and costumes are.

The routine was truly on a different level that despite the errors, UP scored 93.3, more than 8 points ahead the second placer. It celebrated our Filipino ancestry in one refined performance.

First-place, 2008 UAAP Cheerdance

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