Monday, August 23, 2010

My Miss Universe Top 10 wishlist

While looking for photos of the contestants for this entry, I realized how hard it is to choose only 15 out of so many beautiful ladies—so now, I'm nervous about Venus' chances tomorrow.


I won't even bother making my Top 15 predictions list because since Donald Trump took over the Miss Universe franchise, my batting average has become so pathetic, lol. In any case, I will be rooting for these girls:

2nd runner-up

Ireland, Rosanna Purcell
She looks like Melania Trump, wife of Donald, and I think it's not an exaggeration to say that she also looks like Angelina Jolie. She's also apparently smart—she has represented Ireland in some European parliamentary gig—and well-traveled. From her casual interview, it doesn't seem like she gives a flying fig (perhaps, because she knows she's pretty and has it all) so I'm not sure how she'll do in the final Q&A. But bottomline, she can easily find herself in the the Top 5.

1st runner-up

Puerto Rico, Maria Vicente
She's like a pop princess whose fame hasn't gotten to her head. I like how bubbly, witty and spontaneous she comes across in her interviews. I'm not sure her decision to curl her hair for the preliminaries will affect her chances on finals night, but in the end, she is the only lady whose win over Venus will be acceptable to me.

Miss Universe

Philippines, Venus Raj 
(Ang objective ba? Haha! But of course, I will root for her to win.)

I admit, I wasn't a fan of her during Bb Pilipinas but I eventually recognized her beauty and how she will shine in the Miss Universe pageant as compared to her would-have-been replacement Nicolette Henson.. And she did shine—thanks to a rocking body, an old school beauty queen styling, a sincere and enthusiastic personality, and a rags-to-success story to back her all up. If she does make it to the Top 15 (she has to!), it will be hard for her to make it to the Top 10, which is decided by the swimsuit competition. But once she makes the cut, I have no doubt she can easily break into the Top 5 due to her amazing evening gown presentation. Now, the final Q & A is another tricky round for her, but I feel that as long as she is sincere and concise in her answer, she could win the crown despite grammatical lapses.

The rest of my favorites are: Dominican Republic, India, Jamaica, Norway, Russia, Trinidad and Tobago, and Peru (chos!) Uruguay.

The overrated girls for me are: Colombia, France, Mexico, USA and Venezuela—I'm uninspired by these girls.


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