Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Miss Universe National Costumes 2010 edition

I can't believe it, I haven't blogged about Miss Universe 2010!

I've been busy with Miss Universe alright, but not on this blog and I'm not referring to my Twitter -- I'll share that here soon.

It took Iggy's fantastic post about this year's National Costume to spur me into writing an entry about my favorite Miss Universe event. So here it goes:

I find the 2010 edition to be generally safe and boring, unlike that of the previous years. The most notable is the costume of Miss Venezuela, which is based on the Abra Solar, a monument in the country's capital, Caracas:

... and that of Miss Kazahkstan, which I initially found weird, but which I now find endearing, lol. I know there are flags surrounding her head but I'm not quite sure what it means, overall.

I also like British Virgin Island,



Korea (So cuute!!! I love the shoes and the feather; I wonder what this signifies),

and most especially Japan.

I'm supposed to like Peru's pero ayaw ko kasi supposedly, mean girl daw sya kay Venus. (Venus was her chaperon when she competed for Ms. Earth here. So sa Miss U, lagi daw nyang ini-introduce si Venus bilang chaperon nya.)

This is probably the first time Switzerland thought out of the box for its costume: it is the Helvetia, who is the female personification of Switzerland, much like our very own Inang Bayan.

A couple of delegates dressed as the devil, but I don't find them innovative anymore because Panama and Peru did it in last year's Miss Universe.

 My worst costume would be Singapore, who came as a slab of concrete.

I suggest that next year, Miss Singapore comes dressed as the Esplanade.

And here's the requisite photo of Miss Philippines.

The manton looks like the cover of a dining table and she could have done away with the tapis and tassels on the sleeves. I'm not a fan of this yet again, Colombian-designed ensemble.

10 * :

Herbs D. said...

those bitches are fierce as! OMG.

amor said...

been waiting for this post!! Don't know with Venus' costume, I didn't expect much from it. Pero ang ganda nya.

Iggy said...

in fairness kay Venus, talagang she's working hard to "werq" that Colombian disaster!

Type ko din ang national costumes ni India, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Greece, although di ko feel ang rebonded hairrr ni Greece. :D

Jason said...

Fierce is right!

Haha, thanks Amor! Yup, buti na lang winner si Venus and cameras really love her. Her evening gown looks promising -- later yata ang preliminary competition where they choose the finalists.

Jason said...

Ay, oo nga, gusto ko din yung kay Sri Lanka and South Africa. Yung kay India, wala pa kong makitang pic na kita yung buong peacock costume, parang naka-cross kasi yung arms nya over her dress sa mga pics na nakita ko.

Iggy said...

have you seen France and China's costumes this year? Ang sad! Lalo na sa France - way to represent the capital of couture. <3 Japan's din!

Jason said...

Feeling ko na imbey ang China kasi di man lang nag Top 3 yung costume nya last year.

Yang France lagi walang kwenta ang costume nyan, lol. Many thought she'd finally wear YSL when the designer died, pero kebs pa din.

Deepa said...

My goodness Singapore! What's up with the costume! Is she supposed to be an SPG (sarong party girl aka expat husband hunter)?! Joskoh.

May slight retro look si Venus dito. I think it's the hair. Making lemons out of lemonade si bakla. Werq it girl!

Jason said...

Nagmumukha nga syang Miss India ng 90s pagnaka-bun. Ang daming beckies na may ayaw so sinu-suggest sa kanya na maglugay sya.

For the evening gown, hair down with the curls on one side daw ang drama nya.

Anonymous said...

I think Ms. Peru didn't really know the meaning of "Chaperon".. Still, introducing Venus as her friend would be more polite. Anyway, Kudos to Venus for working that ugly dress designed by Cumbia. Is Cumbia doing this on purpose? What the hell is wrong with Stella Araneta?!

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