Friday, July 23, 2010

Wardrobe anorexia

This is the article that inspired me to write my entry yesterday:

Shoppers on a ‘Diet’ Tame the Urge to Buy
Published: July 21, 2010

Imagine that horrible though all-too-familiar feeling: You are standing before a fully stuffed closet and yet have nothing to wear.

Now, imagine something worse: Your closet contains only six items, and you are restricted to wearing only those six items for an entire month.

... This self-imposed exercise in frugality was prompted by a Web challenge called Six Items or Less ( The premise was to go an entire month wearing only six items already found in your closet (not counting shoes, underwear or accessories). Nearly 100 people around the country, and in faraway places like Dubai and Bangalore, India, were also taking part in the regimen, with motives including a way to trim back on spending, an outright rejection of fashion, and a concern that the mass production and global transportation of increasingly cheap clothing was damaging the environment.

I'm not doing this anytime soon and if I do, I'll probably raise the number from six to um, 14? (Can a guy really do six?) I also plan to get several shirts of the same color; that's not exactly a statement against consumerism, mass production, carbon footprint and other eklavoo. In any case, I'm doing this to simplify my life; although yep, consumerism does get to me in a bad way—one huge reason why I can't wholeheartedly maintain my Tumblr site. (More on that on a later post.)

At the same time, I look forward to how liberating it must feel. In the article, no one knew that those on the 'diet' have been repeating just six pieces of clothing for 31 days (Flashbulb question: Why is this not a lifelong commitment for them?), which settles a persistent question I've had in my head: Do people keep tabs on what you have/have not worn? Do they know when you've repeated an article of clothing for the last two weeks? I now realize too, that while I'm self-conscious enough not to repeat work clothes in two weeks, I don't actually remember what my colleagues have worn/not worn and repeat on a regular basis! They probably don't give a damn about what I wear at all! (Though I suspect that if you see someone repeating clothes on a highly regular basis—such as a person participating in this 'diet' challenge—then that's when you notice. In The New York Times article, one husband NEVER knew that his wife had been on the 'diet': I think that's highly offensive for the wife, unless all they do is cavort around naked, 24/7.)

I'll put this to the test in about three months or so :-D

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almi said...

napapansin ko yung damit na madalas suot ng officemates ko kaya alam ko alin favorites nila, hehehe. napapansin ko din yung may templates (pag ito suot nyang top ito suot nyang jeans/skirt/shorts and shoes). XD

Jason said...

ok, buti na lang di na tayto officemates, haha!

Shan Abellaneda said...

wow thats an interesting "diet"!! :) i can probably live with 10 but not 6 hehe.

Jason said...

Haha, I'm still trying to wrap my head around it -- I feel like I can't go under 14.

styleanywhere said...

oppps! that hurts! i like style/fashion. but i don't look at brands. can live with basic things and simple things. but please, don't take away my shoes,suits and hats.

Jason said...

Hello Onin!

I can't remember from which article I read it (there have been quite a number that I read/posted re: simplification since I published this post) but it did defend those who were passionate about fashion. I suppose it boils down to what ultimately makes one happy. In my case, I find myself bombarded by pop culture & advertising and I'm attempting to reclaim my peace.

Reflecting on this article a few days back, I did wonder: what about creativity? self-expression? Where do I draw the line?

It remains a question :-D

styleanywhere said...

after reading this posts, i actually contemplated too!:). i do street fashion blogging, feature style, feature fashion. but this recent thing that i do monthly ( through the viewfinder ) where i include a rundown of brands of outfit, made me feel a bit guilty, after reading this. haha. but yeah, it boils down to personal happiness. some find it in brands, designer stuff, some find it in just fashion itself. oh, you comment section is closed to URL/Name, so I always comment through my wordpress blog. I like reading your blog!:)

Jason said...

Wow, thanks!

I like your story kaya! I think you've posted about how blogging has been your escape from your day job. And then later, reading about the recognition you've been getting has been very inspiring. So I don't think you should feel guilty at all. (Think of it as your contribution to international trade, haha!)

I had to restrict access to the comment section because of spam :-(

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