Monday, July 12, 2010

Real home ideas

I recently moved apartments and while it is a slightly bigger space than my previous unit, it is still tiny. And by tiny, I mean I can't even go through with my plan of purchasing a kick-ass home entertainment system because I'm not sure where to put the speakers unless I place the fridge outside the house :-P (By the way, if you're installing a wall-mounted TV, where and how do you hide the cables?)

Nevertheless (and no matter how challenging), it is fun thinking through ways to economize the space (I'm a natural at packing for travel... though not at packing as biology intended us to do, lol. Oops, TMI!) and I get a real sense of accomplishment whenever I get to jam as much stuff into a cabinet and clear my space off trash I never intend to throw away. That's why when Giles blogged about Real Living Magazine's Small Space Solutions issue, I knew I had to get a copy myself.

This guide is like a local version of what you see on the very good-looking and one of Time's 50 Best Blogs of 2010, Apartment Therapy. There are hundreds of blogs and articles out there that offer advice on shoebox-living, but none or very few are catered to Filipino homes and aesthetics. I've been flipping through the issue for a week already and every time, I get new ideas for my apartment. While it has not solved my fridge-versus-home entertainment conundrum, I now know what to do for my bedroom, as well as the numerous shoes and books that are the usual puzzlers when it comes to organizing one's space. I'm also very poor with color combos but the beautiful houses featured in the magazine offer great tips on what colors match.

The magazine is available in bookstores but if you can wait until the end of the month, then join Giles' contest up on his blog, House of Onika, to win your own copy.

4 * : said...

the solution is to use 'wire channels', like this:

You splice them to length and run them across the edge of your floor or along corners. They come in diff. colors.

Make sure youre not gonna move your TV often because you'll need to pull them out every time and it'll be more hassle than its worth.

Jason said...

Ooh... winner! Thanks for the tip!

Ana Filibini said... is right. Wire channels are the answer. We have them and it really does keep the wires together may it be on the walls or on the floor. You should be able to get it from True Value or at ACE.

Jason said...

Was wondering nga if it can only be bought on Amazon. Thanks for the added tip :-D

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