Monday, June 28, 2010


So here's what transpired since I last blogged here, plus I few things I learned about myself:

  • I had to see three different doctors. (I'm fine and very much well now.)
  • I can't wear contact lenses for two weeks.
  • Itching due to an allergy is underrated—it almost broke my spirit.
  • It is stupid to pick something heavy with only your thumb and forefinger.
  • I changed apartments... two doors away from the previous one.
  • I am Internet-less at home because PLDT makes it really hard to transfer lines between apartments two doors apart.
  • Sky Cable charges P2,000 to transfer lines between houses of said distance.
  • So yes, moving is a hassle, even if your new home is right in front of the previous one.
  • I find myself involuntarily cheering out loud while watching the World Cup.
  • Our bidet is suspiciously beginning to sound like a vuvuzuela.
  • The World Cup will take its toll on my eyebags should Argentina advance up to the finals.
  • Lee Chul Hairkerker is a really, really funny name for a salon. Or for anything, for that matter.
  • I set up an appointment at Lee Chul Hairkerker. While nearing the place, I was thinking of backing out when I saw a super stylish Korean dude at the entrance. I thought he was a client so I decided to push through. He turned out to be the hair stylist the receptionist assigned to me.
  • Korean salons are awesome. I mean, I'm all for Pinoy pride but Koreans really do know their hair. I mean, did you see the South Korean players during their rain-drenched match with Uruguay? They were flipping their gaddamn hair like it was for a shampoo advertisement.
  • They are so awesome that for the first time, I experienced getting a shampoo right in the cutting chair. Then, while lathering my hair, the stylist ran a gigantic, vibrating brush through my scalp. It was orgasmic... except that it looked really funny as I stared at myself in the mirror.
  • A stroll through the home section of Rustan's can be extremely entertaining.
  • I mean, how can you not find an P8,000 trash bin so... fetching? It would look extremely gorgeous as I feed a banana peel to it.
  • Or, be captivated by life-altering inventions... such as a plastic bacon hanger.
  • And we thought SM got it all.

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