Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Buddha Banana x J.walking, lol

A few days ago, Ram of ME BUDDHA BANANA (*gasp!) left a comment on my post, My national costume for Miss Philippines, 2010 edition. He said he'd like to give my design some color and I got excited with the prospect because I tried doing just that through Photoshop and it was a major failure, lol.

Today, he e-mailed me the results and I love them, including the welcome editing!

I love the drama and especially the earring  -- Ram paid attention to the details, haha!

This looks so cute! I love the silhouette and how the stars and flag colors turned out. Now, I know that "V" is the international hand sign for peace, but I'm just not sure if Marcos used the same hand sign for when he ran in the snap elections against Cory? We need a historian here. Or maybe, she can just use a giant dove puppet? Haha.

Nevertheless, they look so adorable. Thanks Ram! :-D

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hahaha you're welcome!

heyjay said...

ang cute! may pockets pa talaga yung skirt sa first pic! i love pockets in skirts.

Jason said...

ram -- can't wait for your inaugurations design, haha!

jay -- i didn't notice that earlier! very sandra bullock :-D

柏勳 said...


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