Monday, May 03, 2010

Who wants to be a millionaire?

I have long been disturbed by this news of a televangelist in Davao that claims to have 6 million followers, particularly because presidential candidates seemed to go out of their way to get his endorsement. I wondered why people give this man such power when he clearly sounds like a lunatic -- a ploy he used to get rich and uses to get richer.

This documentary by The Probe Team shows that Apollo Quiboloy now owns a high-walled compound; luxury vehicles that include a helicopter and jet; TV and radio stations; and real estate in Indonesia, Japan, Dubai, US, Canada and Europe.

Members of Quiboloy's cult pay tithes, sacrificial, love, wave (?) and even TV fees, among others. A mother also lost her daughter to the cult (watch Part 4 of the video below).

To see just how this self-proclaimed "voice of god," anointed one" and "king of the new race" is rich, watch below.

An excerpt:

Cheche Lazaro: How do you fund this?

Quiboloy: Through the obedience of all of the sons and daughters of the father almighty of the kingdom nation.

Amazing in the most disturbing way.

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Ana Filibini said...

Funny enough, my stepfather learned tagalog through Quiboloy when he was on vacation. He said the guy is crazy and mesmerizing at the same time. We lived in Davao and I saw his estates, your words are right - amazingly disturbing.

Jason said...

Di ba? I don't get it!

Ana, I hope your stepfather hasn't adopted Quiboloy's inflections, haha.

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