Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I Love: VMV

I was first introduced to VMV by way of its sunscreen, Armada. When I read its product description, I felt immediately secure that Armada is capable of blocking all sorts of natural and artificial light.

Afterward, I tried the Glykeros line: I have the facial wash, toner and treatment cream. The line, by the way, is for removing fine lines and is generally marketed toward the older set (lol) but what really sold me was the term, microdermabrasion. Basically, the products aid in the faster but safer exfoliation of the skin (as opposed to say, hydroquinone). I just find the entire regimen a little too... prissy, so I haven't reached the twice-a-day recommended usage. (For all VMV regimen, you start with a twice-a-week application for about eight weeks, then you slowly increase this until you reach the recommended twice-a-day application. I've been on the twice-a-week regimen for about a year already, lol.) With the type of weather we have, I just want to slab as little product on my face as possible. Nevertheless, this is a great pick-me-up for my skin and I love how my skin looks the day after I use all three: stretched without looking freaky, lol.

Recently, I've replaced the Glykeros toner with that from the Id line (targeted for those with problem skin): the Id Clarifying and Firming Toner and after Shave. I'm only on my first week and have used it twice so I still can't tell if it has made any difference.

In any case, all these VMV products are stuff I like. What I really, absolutely loooove is the Essence Skin-Saving Body and Bath Antiperspirant, the best deodorant I've ever tried in my life.

I was first dumbfounded about using a deodorant that didn't have any smell: I mean, if you sweat real badly, how would an unscented deodorant cover your odor? After using it under the the most armpit-distressing circumstance—37C weather + running/walking on my way to work—I've found the answer: there's just simply no smell! At the end of the day, even if I force my nose down there, I don't smell anything, except for the perfume lingering on my collar. And since it's an antiperspirant, my shirts stay dry so there are no awkward moments. It's also gentle enough for your skin so you get no discoloration or rashes; but tough enough to suit our weather and work the entire day AND night.

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reci said...

okay, game. where to buy and how much is the damage? im esp interested to the deo. - eon

Jason said...

Id Clarifying and Firming Toner and after Shave = P600
Essence Skin-Saving Body and Bath Antiperspirant = P300

I can't remember the rest :-)

VMV is available in all major malls. Some have their own shop (Glorietta, Rockwell); otherwise, they should be available in the department store, cosmetics section.

Fifi said...

Hi, J!

My office is right beside VMV in Palanca. Their facials are half off for first timers! P600 lang! :)

Jason said...

Eep! Sooobrang tagal ko ng gustong i-try! Lagi silang fully booked sa ibang branches eh (and I never tried setting up an appointment, hehe). I'm also subscribed sa newsletter nila and madalas nga may promo sila sa facials. Sige, will go for it real soon!

Justin, Uhm, Bieber said...

What's your take on Body Shop? Ever tried em?

Jason said...

I was recently given the Body Shop Maca Root Energetic Face Protector with SPF 15. I loooove the sexy masculine smell (peruvian root daw yung maca) but I'm very picky when it comes to facial products, so I use it as my hand moisturizer. I

I also like their scents/cologne; inexpensive enough to use for daily wear :-)

Justin, Uhm, Bieber said...

lol, now there's a line waiting to be heard in the movies. "What you put on your face is just good enough for my hands, bitch." haha.

i'm using Body Shop Maca Root shaving cream. I don't like the smell that much though, as I have allergic rhinitis and it's a tad too strong for me. Nice smelling but too strong. For perfume I'm using Channel Allure Sport- amazingly I dont sneeze *that much* with this scent though it's pretty strong too. And I love the smell. Especially when it's applied on a guy's chest... and I smell his chest... damn, woman, hold it in.

Anyways, have u ever tried Body Shop moisturizer? Any good? I'm looking for a moisturizer that gives a soft radiance to the face and at the same time good for keeping away zits as I'm very zit prone. Problem is, most of the moisturizers out there that's good for oily and acne-prone skin give a matte effect and I don't like that. Any recommendations?

Justin, Uhm, Bieber said...

i meant to say *have u tried any other Body Shop moisturizer?* coz u already mentioned the Face Protector :)

Jason said...

Hmm, maamoy nga yang Chanel Allure Sport next time.

I admit, I don't try any other moisturizer for my face (hence, I used maca for my hands instead) because I'm prone to zits as well. I meant to write a separate blog entry on this, but my all-time fave would be Pond's white beauty cream:

Don't worry, it won't turn your face white but I find that it easily lightens blemishes and provides moisture without making my face oily (matte lang for the first two-three hours).

I've tried supposed mattifying or oil-free facial products from The Face Shop and Kiehl's but none worked, or at the least, I saw no clear difference with Pond's.

I also read in an interview with Vicky Belo that her clients rave about it as well :-)

heyjay said...

Sosyal! Ako, masaya na sa Myra-E. :D

Jason said...

I take Vitamin E too! Haha!

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