Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I Love: Modern Family

My television habit has slowly plateaued with what I find to be a lack of engaging TV shows:

  • I've stopped watching Gossip Girl because I swear, those kids are NY prostitutes masquerading as Upper East Siders.
  • Glee is starting to become a clichΓ©, with a thin plot and repetitive theme. (Although I did enjoy the Madonna episode.)
  • I tried True Blood but again, as in Gossip Girl, there was just too much sex. (Yes, I'm surprised by my reaction too, lol.)
I never even bothered with American Idol this season: the finalists had the personality of a cardboard.

It was Tatin that gave a glowing review of Modern Family. She said it took one episode to convince her that this was a terrific show. So I figured I'd give its first episode a shot...

... and it was pure genius.

I got hooked and proceeded to download the entire first season via torrent. (It is on its second season in the US. Correction by Romel in the comments section. I'm not sure if it's shown on cable TV here; it's not on mine.)

Modern Family is a comedy TV series in a "mock documentary" format. It follows the lives of three couples: your "average" white American family; an interracial, May-December couple; and a gay couple with an adopted baby daughter. The comedy lies in how these characters are stereotyped—and justifiably so. None of the family members have a minor role (well, except for the non-speaking baby :-P), which means that each character is fully developed and therefore, well-written. All episodes end by imparting a life lesson without sounding preachy or overly sentimental.

Here's the trailer for Modern Family:

All it takes is the first episode. Try it :-)

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heyjay said...

Ouch. I still watch those shows except for AI. I guess I have crass taste and a lot of free time. Haha!

What I got hooked on this year was RuPaul's Drag Race Season 2! Sobrang aliw and funny!

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

May I suggest: Better Off Ted :-)

I don't know why shows like Gossip Girl go on and on and shows like Better Off Ted get cancelled. :-(

Jason said...

heyjay -- Ooops, lol. Btw, I still watch Glee. Medyo naiinis lang kasi ko na it's starting to become Melrose Place, wherein the characters are incessantly switching partners and having sex.

Lagi ko nakakalimutan i-download yang Drag Race!

Razielle -- re: Gossip Girl. Naku, lagot ka kay heyjay, lol.

Thanks for the tip! Will download the first few episodes :-)

Laurene said...

I can say the same thing for Gossip Girl. I am still wondering why some of their characters (Vanessa, Dan) are still relevant considering they're supposed to be not on Gossip Girl's "radar" anymore, as they don't have any connection with the Upper East Siders.

As for Modern Family, my favorite episode was when they did a Say Anything reference in the end.

May I suggest Bored to Death, starring Jason Schwartzman. :)

Romel said...

Random reader, but Modern Family is just on its first season. Kakatapos lang ng finale niya. Also watch Cougar Town. It comes after Modern Family. :)

Jason said...

Laurene -- I like Jason Schwartzman so I'll add that to my list :-)

Romel -- Thanks for the clarification and for dropping by :-D

heyjay said...

Haha! Ako lang ang GG viewer dito. Maybe it's the teen girl in me that still finds it amusing even though I dislike Jenny and hate Serena(sobrang tanga). I love Blair.

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