Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I Love: M&S underwear

Yes, the letters are in the proper order, lol.

I'm not an underwear snob. I mean, if YC bikini briefs are your thing, I say go for it. If you like Bench, and it does have some pretty good designs, then why not? My only problem with the country's National Underwear—wait, so is that YC or Bench? LOL!—is the poor quality.

I've had Bench underwear and the colors easily fade and the garter easily become loose (read: bacon). I don't think I have a pair that lasted more than a year.

Enter Marks & Spencer. I chanced upon the brand's Climate Control line, which guarantees that it "keeps you cool when you're hot and warms you up when you're cold." And true enough, even if I got boxer briefs in dark colors such as black and gray, it feels airy down there despite our weather, lol. I'm just not sure how it would stand the test of an extremely cold weather. The fabric, which is very soft and breathable, just doesn't compare with those that are used for Bench.

Garter remains tight and colors don't seem to be duller. A pack of three costs about P1,800 but given the quality, I'd say it is ultimately less expensive than Bench.

It is for these reasons that I feel that I don't need to scrimp on my underwear budget, or go over it by purchasing say, Calvin Klein. Marks & Spencer is pretty nondescript and does not scream its brand name—just the way I like it.

I can't seem to find photos of the particular line online and I've no plans of modeling my pair on this blog either; hence, I've no photos for this post :-P

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daredevilry said...

im satisfied with my classic hanford brief. doesn't bacon. very comfy. ang mahal ng marks and spencers ha. parang CK na din. :D

Jason said...

wow, go hanford!

ayoko kasi ng may brand name sa garter :-P

jhermie said...

I like my M&S too! I love their cotton lycra shorts! You're right quality is really good!

tatin said...

Picture, picture, picture!!!! :D

Jason said...

jhermie -- i remember i also have two-year old m&s boxers; no bacon! :-)

tatin -- haha, ayaw!!!

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