Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I was supposed to write an overly dramatic entry on how offended/hurt I am by people who cast doubt on Noynoy supporters' intelligence despite the illustrious list of writers, public officials and political commentators who have expressed their votes of confidence for Noynoy. (And yes, I am excluding my name from the blanket adjective, although yep, my blog entry is part of the roster.) I can understand the boldness of strangers spewing vitriol online (one of whom I had to take down) but for actual friends to say it? I thought it was disrespectful and an affront to our affinity.

I wrote a sober yet scathing reply to said friend but I stopped myself short from actually sending/publishing it. I thought, was it worth the trouble? The energy? Straining the relationship? So I just deleted him from my online accounts. Perhaps, we'd still be OK in real life, but I'd rather ignore the online brattiness and smarter-than-thou attitude.

I couldn't understand the anger directed at Noynoy and his supporters. You're angry that we want an incorruptible president? The best chance for an honest government? Whoever is President, the government will continue to work. If it will work FOR the people, that is the question, and an overwhelming majority of Filipinos -- 12 million as of last count -- chose to elect their leader based on this question. Your hatred is misplaced.

And let me direct this to Gibo supporters because they have been the most bitter and venomous online, post-elections: Yes, Gibo would never cast the first stone (in reference to his PR on running a positive campaign) because he's not exactly the most moral of presidential candidates. He worked for Estelito Mendoza; defended Danding Cojuangco and Lucio Tan in courts; impeached former Chief Justice Hilario Davide; and worked for Gloria Arroyo. Gibo won't dare. So please, don't tell me Gibo was a smart vote. To me, it was an uniformed vote. Or if you knew about these things, it was a morally susceptible vote. You question our intelligence, we question your morals AND intelligence. Quits lang. And for the record, unlike that beauty queen-slash-philanthropist, I'm not dragging God into this.

Amid all the noise, I was reminded by the Kübler-Ross model for grieving. It says that it has five stages: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. This gave me a fresh and Zen perspective on the haters out there: I understand where your anger/vitriol is coming from; it's part of your grieving process.

And if you're angry, bitter and sour all your life? You must be in a perpetual state of grief.

Move on. The next stage is a good start.

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Laurene said...

I think that people who are ill-informed on the matter shouldn't complain.

The best thing to do right now is to be hopeful for the new term. I do agree with you that people don't realize that the government will still work for the country.

Whining about who and what could have been and being resentful won’t do our nation good. Our new president needs everybody's support. I hope that the supporters of the presidentiables who lost will extend their respect and support to the new president. Many people indeed do not like Noynoy, but what can they do? Nobody will benefit from their negativity. The President can't do his job as effectively if there are a lot of opposition.

Jason said...

Thanks and I agree with you. I can understand the pain because I'm feeling the same about the impending Binay win (I'm a Roxas fan) but I feel that there's just too much misplaced hatred.

jaollibee said...

well said!

ako naman i've been trying to restrain myself from replying against friends on FB who are bitter, sourgraping Villar fans. now they're saying those who voted for Noynor are anti-LIFE. nakakainit ng ulo na they think theirs is the only correct vote. sadly, engaging them in a debate at this time is a futile exercise.

parang UAAP cheerdance to. matagal pa bago makapag-move on ang mga tao. hehe.

I'm Razielle, I love hopia. said...

Naalala ko tuloy yung Gibo supporter who tweeted Patricia Evangelista's "The Guns of Gibo" article. wehehe. :-P

miguel said...

great article. my sentiments, almost exactly.

Anonymous said...

hay naku, nakakafrustrate lang talaga. bitter losers is such an apt term.

natatakot ako kay binay kasi he's power-hungry. 18 years as makati mayor is proof enough for me na he clings to power too much.

Allan said...

I feel the same way. Friends who I work with knows that I am for Noynoy and yet bash all of those who voted for him like we are the dumbest people on earth.

I suggest for you to share to them this link of SWS exit poll survey.
It shows that the majority of people from every class, education, and religion voted for Noynoy.


Jason said...

Jao -- Yes! That's exactly how I imagined it, UAAP Cheerdance, haha. Haven't checked Twitter much, but hopefully, the concession by other Presidential bets has helped diffuse the anger among their respective supporters.

Razielle -- LOL! Funny nga 'yon. Pero in fairness, I also posted her unflattering column on Noynoy.

Thanks Miguel!

Eon -- Sabi nga, parang naging quits lang tuloy: Noynoy the honest guy, and Binay the ___. He led the counts in practically all regions. (Visayas lang kay Mar.) I guess these cities hope they'll turn up to be something like Makati.

Allan -- Yep, it was a landslide decision :-) They're just smarting from the stunning loss of their respective candidates.

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