Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things I Love: Miss Universe

I am jump-starting this week by blogging about the things that I love. After having read The Twins of Tribeca, I realized I may not only need a break from serious reading, but also from serious blogging (some of which are responsible for a wrinkle or two ;-P).

So let's get this on!

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At this time of the year, the Miss Universe pageant should have been in full swing already. Unfortunately, due to what I assume to be a logistical mishap, it took the Donald Trump's organization some time to find a host country -- until no one actually wanted to host it. Hence, it is returning to its birthplace, the USA, after only four years of having been last staged there. The contest is scheduled on August 23 in Las Vegas.

Our representative, Venus Raj, finally got her passport. She may not have been my original choice but I still prefer her over what I deemed to be the boring would-have-been replacement, Nicolette Henson. Venus also grew on me, especially after seeing these smashing photos:


She looks awesome here, but I really think she needs to put on more weight. With her big hair, she looks scarily thin in a swimsuit.

I'm also apprehensive about Bb Pilipinas' next move, particularly after getting rebuked over its initial decision to dethrone Venus. For all we know, it might sabotage her chances by giving her even uglier gowns for the competition.

* * * *

Meanwhile, if you'd like to compete at Miss Universe, try acquiring a Singapore citizenship and join the country's local pageant instead. In a blog entry I made on last year's Asian delegates, Deepa's comment on Miss Singapore 2009 proved to be spot-on and somewhat prophetic, lol: "Ay trust me major triumph na ang tweetums for Singapore."

* * * *

To satiate my Miss U appetite due to this year's delayed schedule, I've been watching previous Miss Universe openings in the 1980's on YouTube, the first time I ever ventured doing so.

This has to be the funniest opening over. Camp kung camp!!! I hope they bring back production numbers like this, haha:

Miss Universe 1987, Singapore

I also liked this one, which looked really fun. I didn't know the song, Hot Hot Hot, was this old!

Miss Universe 1989, Mexico

And this opening was pretty dramatic (at least until the opening song) -- after all, it was held in China. I really hope they bring back this type of production numbers where you get a sense of the host country's culture. Today's Miss Universe production are very generic.

Miss Universe 1988, Taiwan

The 70's was the golden age for the Filipina beauties at Miss Universe, with two Miss Photogenic titles (back when it was still credible), two Top 12 placements, one 4th runner-up finish, and one Miss Universe title.

The 80's proved to be another good decade for the Philippines, with three placements in the finals, two of which were 3rd runner-up finishes. (I also previously blogged about what I think was the best ever evening gown performance by a Filipina, courtesy of Chat Silayan in 1980.)

That went down to two in the 90s: a Top Six placement and a 1st runner-up finish.

The Philippines never made it to the finals from 2000 to 2009.

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heyjay said...

I disagree. I think her body is fine as it is. What she needs to work on is her makeup. Whenever I see her on TV, her makeup looks ashy. I've seen better face paint on drag queens than on her.

Jason said...

Check out 0:55 onwards from her swimsuit video:

Sobrang payat ng arms!

amor said...

Can't wait to see her costume!?

Speaking of gowns, one of the best i've seen was Miriam's.

daredevilry said...

i've never caught the pageant bug but your enthusiasm is infectious.

Jason said...

Amor -- Definitely! That was a Halston, and might have been the most expensive gown ever worn by our representative. Unfortunately, nawala yung gown nung pinahiram sa isa iba pang Philipppine rep.

Eon -- Haha, happy to be a carrier!

heyjay said...

hindi naman sobrang payat; bagay naman sa body nya. ok na yun kesa magkaroon sya ng vina morales arms.

speaking of costumes, BPCI should just hold a design contest for the costume and gown na lang para masaya.

Jason said...

In any case, panalo ang Gold's Gym trainer ng mga Bb beauties. For the last three years, gumanda katawan ng mga naging rep natin.

As for her gown, di talaga ko kampante kay Stella Araneta.

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