Sunday, May 30, 2010

Gaga and the home of the Little Mermaid

Ok, I love Glee again. I realize we need all the help that we can get to end the hate for and discrimination against gays. The Lady Gaga tribute episode showed some powerful stuff, and I do hope the young, straight generation sees the lesson in this:

Finn eventually redeems himself, dressing up in the red rubber suit Gaga wore when she met Queen Elizabeth, protecting Kurt from the school bullies. Hurrah!

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In other news, I saw an episode of Oprah earlier and I was floored by how advanced Denmark is. I'm not talking about technological advancement, although I'm sure it is doing well in that department, but of how well its society works.

While Danish people tend to be one of the highest taxpayers in the world, they get the most benefits out of it. They have free health care AND education, and that includes college. In some cases, university students are even given an allowance.

Employees get off work at 4pm. Women are given one year of paid maternity leave. If you lose your job, you will get a monthly allowance of up to 90 percent of your previous salary—for up to four years.

There is little discrepancy between the rich and the poor (in fact, there is no middle class since everyone pretty much stands equal). Also, because of the socialized tax system, where the highest earners pay as much as 60 percent, people aren't driven by salary considerations in finding work; instead, they find work which they love and have passion for. After all, Denmark has the world's highest minimum wage.

Because of this sense of security, Danish women feel no need to marry for economic reasons. Also, crime is almost zero: people leave their babies outside their homes or cafes in their carriages for some sun and fresh air, and there has been no report of a baby ever getting stolen.

According to researchers, Danes are considered the happiest people on earth. And in this conversation Oprah had with some of the locals, they say they are also the least religious. I think it makes perfect sense.

Watching this made me feel like we've been duped by politicians (and religious groups) for far too long. I can't believe Denmark is a First World country and the Philippines is Third, or just a one-figure gap.

The true gap, it seems to me, is more than 50 years.

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heyjay said...

ika nga ni Pres. Noy, "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap."

Jason said...

Sana talaga mawala na ang mga corrupt.

daredevilry said...

my heart broke. :(

chichirya said...

Suddenly, I want to fly to Denmark soonest.

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