Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Your Tekken geek post for the day

The acting looks awful; the storyline, cheesy; its IMDB page riddled with misspelling; and it's going straight to DVD in the US, lol. I can't wait to have a copy!

It's Tekken the movie, y'all!

I love how they painstakingly made sure the actors eerily resemble their characters. I think Craig Marduk, played by wrestler Nathan Jones, takes the cake, lol.

Others in the cast:

Nina (Candice Hillebrand) and Anna (Marian Zapico) Williams. I think they could've gone with a younger-looking Anna.

Raven (Darrin Dewitt Henson) and Eddie Gordo (Lateef Croweder). You gotta love the capoeira stance. Eddie and Christie Monteiro, who's also in the film, are two of my heavily used characters.

Brian Fury (Gary Daniels) and Jin Kazama (Jon Foo)

I can't believe they left out my Divine Fist-ranking Lili Rochefort from the cast! Same with Armor King -- you'd think he'd pass on this tournament? No way! To think Yoshimitsu somehow found a way to be included in the film! (Would have been nicer if Panda and Roger Jr. were included, too. You got exponential kitsch factor right there  :-P)

* * * *  

Speaking of Tekken, while Deepa has made me extremely jealous with her God of War 3 exploits, I've had to content myself with Tekken 6 on my PSP. Lili made the cut, thankfully, although my hit combination -- where my opponent will never get to stand up til I knock the lights out of him :-P -- no longer work :-(

Despite the presence of new awesome characters -- the drop-dead gorgeous, kanin-na-lang-ang-kulang Miguel (left) and the sultry Zafina -- I still prefer Tekken: Dark Resurrection. The latter has better graphics and more unlockable features (the new release no longer has bowling; the command attack mode, which helps you master a character; the dojo mode; and download options for ghosts and characters screensaver.)

The new release also has the lamest plots for the character's story modes. So far, all the prologues I've opened feature cartoons, not videos.

I'm also ultra peeved by the bonus round character, NANCY-MI847J, whom you simply can't beat; and the overall boss, Azazel, who reduces me to squealing like a 5-year-old kid, "Ang daya-daya mo!!!!" (Although I've recently unlocked the secret to beating him way too easily, by way of Zafina.)

While there is greater character customization -- for example, my Lili is now sporting a Rihanna 'do, lol!-- and some stages are now two-level, the graphics look cheaper (I'd say a 3D version of Streetfighter circa 90's). I'm afraid, Dark Resurrection really set the bar very high.

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Iggy said...

LOL excited din ako for this movie! Ang porno ng ichu ni Nina grabe. Wala si Mokujin!!!

Deepa said...

sana sinama nila yung character na wooden tapos yung lolo na gumagapang from previous tekkens! lol!

now i want to get a second controller for the hubby's ps3 para makapag tekken 6 na!

Jason said...

Wow, Mokujin fans!

I'm also hoping for a multi-million production of God of War the movie!

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