Monday, March 29, 2010

A Timbawonderland summary

Sexy Back clip - Manila concert

So. Last Saturday. At the Timbaland + Jojo + Justin Timberlake concert. Thanks Pammy for the tickets! :-D

Black dude enters the stage.

Mon: Si Timbaland ba yan?

Me: Um... parang hinde. Ewan ko.

Another black dude enters the stage.

Mon: Yan, si Timbaland ba yan?

Me: Di yata.

Black dude enters the stage.

Black dude: Maaaaaniiilaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Crowd screams.

Ah, there you go.

Jojo joins Timbaland, sings one song, then proceeds to Mall of Asia to go shopping.

"The only Justin Timberlake song I know is Sexy Back," I told Mon earlier.

"Rock Your Body?" he offered.

Justin Timberlake enters the stage. Deafening and high-pitched screams. Mon and I begin taking photos of ourselves.

He and Timbaland sing songs, none of which I know of, but the crowd sings along to.

"Now, this is a song I retired long ago but I love you guys so much," Justin says.

Strums of Sexy Back. The crowd goes wild. Fireworks go off. My heart jumps for joy. Yey, to world peace!

Justin thanks the crowd and exits.

Timbaland thanks the crowd and exits.

End of concert.

* * * *

 Yup, I swear that's them!!!

2 * :

daredevilry said...

hehehe... they all look alike to me. they must think asians all look alike too.

Jason said...

haha true that. wont recognize him unless introduced.

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