Friday, March 12, 2010

Oscar loot bag!

I had the fortune of winning Styles I Love's Great 100,000th Giveaway and believe me, it calls for a celebration because the prizes are MAJOR! (Yes, it also calls for the Kanye West uppercase.)

1. Fred Perry Holdall Bag

2. Adidas Pilipinas Range Track Jacket
*not me! :-P* 

3. Fragrances from Wright Supply Co. 

4. Ribbon belts, also from Wright Supply Co. 
*in various summer colors*

5. Hound's-tooth bowtie by Joey Samson
 *Cute! Incidentally, I need a new passport photo :-D*

6. and surprise ball caps from, again, the now obviously generous Wright Supply Co.
*mane protection!*

It was great to meet the man behind the site, because God knows how much of the stuff he's blogged about I actually went out for and bought, lol. (I searched through my archives and here's a proof from way back -- July 2009 to be exact.) Bobby features stuff that you don't have to order online (ergo: locally available) and classic pieces that aren't overly trendy, but enough to separate you from the pack.

I also met the guys behind Wright Supply Co., which produces artisan fragrances and which will soon launch its urban hardware store: Alan and Cholo (another icon!). They were nice enough to bring all 12 samples of their fragrances, and as you can see from this photo, which Cholo sneakily tweeted, I was very serious in my selection, lol:

Alan first asked me which mood I was into, and to keep things GP (:-P), I said that since it's summer, I prefer a scent that's light and crisp. He then suggested those that meet this criteria. Incidentally, each bottle is tagged with an amazing copy, I suggest they give the copywriter a raise right at this minute.

Consider the opus for my number one pick, Itheru:

Imagine neatly-pressed French cuffs. Chamomile flowers floating in a white teacup. The scent is crafted to quietly linger, not to overwhelm.

It had me at chamomile flowers floating in a white teacup. If you stumble on a magic potion which says it has bottled chamomile flowers floating in a white teacup, you spray yourself with it. (I did!)

While I did not blossom into a flower and deliriously wafted in an imaginary porcelain cup, I did love it. I think the fragrance is definitely more masculine than chamomile flowers, and is closer to neatly pressed cuffs. I also find that it has the scent of luxurious soap, similar to Prada's Amber Pour Homme. Overall, I think it's sexy. Hence, I would rewrite the copy as:

Hot warm water grazes down your chest; you pat yourself dry. All traces of your previous night are in the wrinkled cuffs of your shirt and the silly grin on her face. 

Word! LOL!

The other two that I picked were Orqua because I like everything green tea, and Iari, which is perfectly described as a summer scent. They're all definitely noteworthy additions to my perfume collection. (Get it, noteworthy? Um, so yeah. :-P)

Needless to say, it was an awesome night -- a huge thanks, guys! Now obviously, the challenge is to wear and use all six pieces in one ensemble... riiiigghht???


The fragrances and ribbon belts from Wright Supply Co. are also available at Trilogy Boutique.

9 * :

Anonymous said...

"chamomile flowers floating in a white teacup" bading na bading. i love it.

Jason said...

haha yes, that's the hook right there. i was immediately sold!


Congratulations! Next time, Bobby will be giving away laptops!

Ana Filibini said...

That's awesome! Lucky you, congrats!

Anonymous said...

congratulationssss! :)

Jason said...

alphabetical - haha, yeah won't be surprised if he does.

Thanks guys! Ü

heyjay said...

Wow! As in "wow" lang talaga masasabi since i'm super inggit right now.

that challenge of yours is like a looklet moment. haha!

Pamela Angela said...


lokaret ka bat di mo to kinwento? :D

Jason said...

jay -- will alert you on his next giveaway :-)

pam -- kasi mas masaya pag-usapan si jo*ibee!!! LOL!

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