Friday, March 26, 2010

The gift of infallibility

You know, when the Pope holds its Christmas vigil mass -- or is it Easter Sunday? -- figured it out, it's the New Year's Day Mass and he greets everyone in god knows how many languages, and local media is only too happy to broadcast a two-, three-second clip of his Tagalog? Well, the online websites of PDI, GMA News and ABS-CBN are not as enthusiastic about including, at the least, a syndicated report on Vatican's sex abuse cover-up. (Updated, March 27: GMA News published Sex abuse scandal in US, Italy taints papacy after I posted this entry. Thanks Jaemark!)

While the world is reeling with shock, it looks like local media is still fixated with Anne Curtis's nipple. Even Dennis Hopper's cancer got local coverage (not that it's undeserved).

I hope we don't find this normal and a non-issue. If this were a non-religious organization, criminal charges would have been filed NOW, if not, long ago.

Alas, I'm afraid this would be the case:

Don't Bet on Abuse Scandal Toppling The Pope
By Mary Ann Sorrentino
I've had my own run-ins with Rome. And I doubt the latest revelations will take down Benedict XVI

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jaemark said...

Actually, GMA has been running syndicated stories on it the past few days. Sa right side, related stories has a list of past stories about the issue.

I suppose there still ought to be more effort to tie it to the local clergy though. Maybe you ought to fire off a letter to the editor ;) said...

why have i not been visiting your site more often? what a loser.

anyway, put some ads on it Jason. google talk me [ghmercado] for help.

Jason said...

Jaemark -- Ah, thanks! When I checked the home page as I wrote this entry, it had instead, the story on "200 Pinoy priests, seminarians meet(ing) with (the) Pope."

Re: firing off a letter -- When three major online news editors don't give importance to the story, I wonder if I'm only being an anti-Catholic freak :-P

Gary -- I have one sa sidebar, hehe.

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