Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wishful thinking

ANC Alerts posted this question in Twitter, and I thought I'd wallow in fantasy.

Tonight's Super Lotto jackpot may reach P195M (US$4.2 million). If you won, what would you do with your winnings?

I will:

    - Enroll at The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp (Visual Arts, major in Fashion)

    - Move the family home to Quezon City (not Makati because...)

    - ... I'll buy a penthouse suite at Gramercy (so there'd be space and distance somehow, lol)

    - Treat my friends to a shopping spree worth P500,000 each (Either I'm very generous or I have very few friends, lol. Pick one, haha!)

    - Patronize local galleries and artists

    - Start a menswear line, if through my education, I feel I'm still up for it; otherwise, I'd use what I learned to be the Suzy Menkes of Asia

    - Say hello to Hermes and Bottega Veneta on a regular basis

That's practically it! (LOL at "practical") And yes, I'd still love to be based in Manila :-)

I wonder how much it would cost to clean up Pasig River?

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Anonymous said...

pareho tyo, i wont leave the philippines din. pero ang kaibahan seo, i might be leaving manila. ang sarap mag day dream.

Jason said...

sobrang enjoy while i was making the list. also realized, medyo maliit pa pala ang P200 million, haha.

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