Thursday, February 25, 2010

My early faves for Bb Pilipinas

UPDATE (Feb 27):

Telecast of the preliminaries will be on Sunday, February 28, not Saturday as mentioned here.

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After looking at the photos of this year's Bb Pilipinas candidates, I can say that this year's batch is promising. Here are my favorites, although these may change depending on how well they do on Friday's preliminary competition (to be aired the following night on GMA-7). 

Miss Universe

For the win: Mary Ann Ross Misa

Stunning face and an equally stunning figure -- it will be easy for her to stand out in Miss Universe with her 5'11" height and China doll features (granted that China, Korea and Japan representatives don't send someone who looks more smashing than her, lol). She reminds me of Japan's Kurara Chibana, Miss Universe 1st runner-up, 2007.


I read however, that this is her first pageant ever, and her videos show that there is a certain awkwardness with the way she walks and poses. She'll need to be more confident and sultry to get the judges' nods.

To watch out for: Helen Nicolette Henson


You know how guys would describe their dream girls as "simple lang." Awesome swimsuit photo (brown), but I find her "simple lang" and therefore, boring. I'll need to see how she is onstage.

Nicole Kaufmann


She looks short at 5'7 and there's something tiring about her overly tisay features, but again, I'll need to wait and see on Saturday.

Miss World

For the win: Maria Venus Raj

A look at pageant message boards show that many are rooting for her to win Miss Universe. However, she looks pretty scary without makeup and in her close-up shots. (I will be nice so I won't post them here. Also, I'm reminded of a Gloria Diaz anecdote, wherein pageant organizers would wake contestants up unscheduled so the judges can look at them unprepared and with no makeup on. Let's just say I doubt that Venus can pass that test.)

Given the history of Miss World winners, I think she'll do well there than in Miss Universe.

To watch out for: Gwendoline Ruais


The tallest candidate at 6'1, Gwen would also be a good alternate for the Miss Universe title, aside from Miss World. The reason why I think she's better for MW is because recent MU titleholders generally look younger and Gwen looks like a career-slash-Wonder Woman (and that ain't bad, really).

Miss International
For the win: Krista Arrieta Kleiner
Historically, Miss International winners -- at least in the last 10 years -- are petite and dainty-looking, hence Krista would be a shoo-in for the title.

However, when I see this body, my brains scream "Miss Universe! Miss Universe!" 

Totally awesome. I don't think any Bb Pilipinas candidate has ever had such toned body (even those who had won and trained for the international pageants), not even Anjanette Abayari.

I find her face too "American" but otherwise, yeah, I think she can be Miss Universe too.

To watch out for: Czarina Catherine Gatbonton

I saw her videos and I like her a lot. She looks like the younger and more gorgeous sister of Teresa Licaros and Chef Rosebud, lol. I'd happily include her in my Miss Universe list but I find her personality meek and provincial (and Miss Universe finalists are always cosmopolitan). She'll need to look more like a rich kontrabida than a poor lass sweeping the garden in a barrio.

And that white/black/pink dress -- horrendous. I absolutely don't like!

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heyjay said...

I'll say it before, and I'll say it again. They're not gonna win in the international titles if they don't do the open-mouth smile ala Gloria. hehe!

If you're going to attend the coronation night in Araneta Coliseum, sama ako ha! ;)

Jason said...

Haha! But wait, ngumanga ba si Tita Margie?

I really wish Misa would win Bb Universe.

Won't be in Araneta; parang mas OK pa din sa TV since close-up.

heyjay said...

I think Tita Margie did make nganga pero slight lang para pasweet. hehe

Vayie said...

Parang hindi pantay yung skin nung last candidate on your blog entry. Or was it just the lighting?

Jason said...

Yeah, I think she's using the wrong foundation.

Deepa said...

in furnee! maganda siya.

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